SAS Infra is constructing a Mixed use Commercial Complex in Telangana

Patricia Alphonso Nov 06, 2019 0

SAS Infra has proposed to construct a Mixed use Commercial complex “SAS iTower” in Khajaguda village of Telangana.

Sprawled over an area of 10.25 acres, the project will consist of approximately 8 million sq ft of built up area and would feature 1 tower with 5 basements and about 36 upper floors.

80% of the project space will be dedicated for IT Office with world class infrastructure and top class amenities. While a potential part of the tower is designed explicitly for hotels and retail spaces.

Initiatives like Solar Power, Radiant Air Conditioning, Water Sewage Systems Plan have been incorporated into the design to make the project more sustainable and adhere to green building standards.

Similarly, the project will feature a wide range of amenities such as Open Air Party Hall on the terrace, Jogging Track, Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Tennis & Badminton Courts, Infinity Pool For Serviced Apartments, Food Courts, Fitness Zones And Yoga Spaces and many other facilities.

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