Upcoming residential complex by Arihant Superstructure Limited at Taloje, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Keya Desai Mar 05, 2022 0

Arihant Aakarshan 2 is a residential complex planned by Arihant Superstructure Limited, a privately held company. The proposed project is located at Survey No. 44/3/2, 5912, 60/l/28, 35ll+2llQ), 35ll+2/l (3), 35/g+2/t (4) Ghot, Taloje, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The project is located at a distance of 5 km and 55 km from the Taloja railway station and CST Airport respectively.

Project Specifications:

The project is spread over a land area of 6.08 acres and has a proposed built-up area of 1,259,672 square feet. The gated community consists of 7 Buildings (K, L, M, N, O, P, Q) with 23-floor levels and 5 Buildings (R, S, T, U, V) with 22-floor levels. The amenities include a shop and garden within the complex. The sewage treatment plant ensures the recycling and reuse of water. The rainwater harvesting system conserves water and helps maintain the groundwater table level.

PROJECT NAMEArihant Aakarshan 2
DEVELOPERArihant Superstructure Limited
BUILDING USE Residential
LOCATIONTaloje, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
PLOT AREA6.08acres

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