Biltrax Media chronicles architecture and construction with a focus on the role of data analytics, technology, economics, engineering and government policies on design. It brings to the fore ideas and perspectives from a more rounded spectrum to delve deep into industries that play a huge role in the systems but are seldom spoken about in mainstream media.

Biltrax Media is owned & operated by Biltrax Construction Data  is the most credible source of News, Trends, Analysis & Insights on major developments in India’s Construction Industry. BX Media also covers various construction technology innovations happening across the world & their application to Indian scenario.


About Biltrax Construction Data

Biltrax Construction Data is India’s leading market intelligence platform focused on building construction industry. Through their Data, Insights & Analytics, Biltrax is uniquely positioned to help thousands of companies & professionals in India’s building sector profit from faster, informed decisions generated through our technology platform.

Biltrax enable Sales, Marketing & Business Development Teams of Construction Material Manufacturers, Distributors, Turnkey & Trade Contractors, Design, Engineering & Project Management Consultants with growth opportunities.

Biltrax has already mapped & continue to track over 15,000 large building projects across 50+ metropolitan regions covering all states & union territories.