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Biltrax Media chronicles architecture and construction with a focus on the role of data analytics, technology, economics, engineering, and government policies on design. It brings to the fore ideas and perspectives from a more rounded spectrum to delve deep into industries that play a huge role in the systems but are seldom spoken about in mainstream media.

Biltrax Media is owned and operated by Biltrax Construction Data and is the most credible source of News, Trends, Analysis, and Insights on major developments in India’s Construction Industry. Biltrax Media also covers various construction technology innovations happening across the world and their application to the Indian scenario.

Biltrax Construction Data

Biltrax Construction Data is India’s leading Market Intelligence provider for the AEC industry. With our pioneering Construction Relationship Analytics Platform, Biltrax Construction Data helps identify and execute growth opportunities for building material and product manufacturers, suppliers, architects, engineers, contractors and service providers. With a diverse team having over a decade of experience, we help our clients’ business development, sales, and marketing teams with actionable data driven insights to further their business development and sales initiatives.

The impact of market intelligence extends across departments and is directly tied to achieving business goals. We help our clients’ sales and marketing teams by increasing their efficiency significantly.

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