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Biltrax Media aims to feature construction journalism comprising practices and ideologies beyond well-shot images. We are looking for content that is fresh, innovative and carries a story with it. The content should be well-structured, concise, clear and coherent.

We are a platform for organisations who work in collaboration for the success of a construction, infrastructure and built-environments. Our readers and contributors include architects, consultants, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and project managers.

Submission Guidelines

For a project feature, we would require the following: –

  • High quality pictures of the project (minimum of 3000 pixels on the shorter side).
  • Supporting drawings, conceptual sketches and visualizations as applicable.
  • Appropriate text and reference links (if any).
  • If you have any movie relating to the project, do include it in your submission folder.
  • Details of your firm, MEPF and related consultants, project managers, contractors and photographers involved in the project in the following format: –
    • Name of CEO/Key Personnel involved in the project
    • Head office address
    • E-mail address
    • Contact number

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