Colors by Ozone: Enhancing spaces and boosting freedom to use colors


Colors – one of the most primitive elements known to humankind, has the ability to augment architectural form or work. One of the leading players in the architectural hardware industry and a popular brand in the digital (electronic) security segment, Ozone Overseas has announced the launch of an inspiring range of colors and finishes in architectural hardware. This awe-inspiring colorful collection is called, ‘Colors by Ozone’.  This vibrant collection of architectural hardware is designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for color-coordinated interior spaces. Ozone is committed to best quality products having a technological edge and superior aesthetics to its customers.

‘Colors by Ozone’ is a vibrant collection of architectural hardware, designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for color-coordinated interior spaces.

Color is a visual language understood by all, that impacts mood, psychological state, emotions and feelings of every individual. Colors by Ozone presents creative color options designed as per modern architectural trends that includes black matt, black glossy, gold matt, gold glossy, rose gold matt, rose gold glossy, antique bronze, and natural wood finishes. These colors enhance the creative vibes of a space. The new collection renders freedom to architects and interior designers to play with colors while designing living and workspaces. This also eradicates the need to adjust the color palette as per conventional finishes found in architectural hardware.

Color options are offered in glass door fittings, shower cubicle fittings, sliding glass door fittings, and door handles and accessories. These hardware fittings can be made available in any color on demand, depending on the customer’s choice and scale of the project. The color finishes palette is being designed to meet the emerging color synergy in interior spaces. Research and studies have observed that the human impression of an architectural space is largely drawn by color. They add or enhance the personality of a space. Good examples include natural wood giving a contemporary warm look, black matt making any space look classy, gold matt adding richness, and similarly other colors reflecting different expressions.

Colors by Ozone offers a complete range of fittings for a particular application, such as for shower cubicles, it includes shower hinges, glass connectors, towel bar with handle, magnetic seal profiles and reinforcement bar. So that the complete setting of your bathing space speaks one color language and renders one personality. Similarly, the glass door fittings color finish set includes patch fittings, door handle, top pivot, patch lock, floor spring, and self-closing patch to create that stunning look for your entrances. This establishes that Ozone always stresses on offering the complete solution to its customers. 

The color finishes palette is being designed to meet the emerging color synergy in interior spaces and can be made available in any color on demand.

Ozone uses the PVD technique to apply colour on the fittings, ensuring smoothness, lustre, and durability of the finish. Each fitting goes through a stringent quality check so that only the best finish and quality product is delivered to you. 

Colors by Ozone range of fittings are available at leading hardware stores pan India. These products embellish the aesthetics of different projects and its spaces. In case of any inquiry about a sample showcase or a representative visit, contact Ozone Team.

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