A-Class Marble: Shades of Statuario

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Following the Italian legacy of style and grandeur, natural stones have the calibre to uplift interior areas with a hint of luxury and art. One such perplexing marble stone is the Statuario. With its stunning design and uniqueness in every unit, it has become one of the favourites in the Italian Marble collection. Moreover, it has made its strong presence felt globally with the wonderful applications and abilities it possesses. A-Class is considered a work of art regarding their products, while Statuario stands out as the brand’s masterpiece. The elegant white colour, natural and complex formation and dazzling golden and grey veins just add to the speciality of the stone. The Statuario has been a significant product to promote and keep A-Class marble a step above its competition.

Shades of Statuario

Natural stones have always had the potential to upgrade an existing space into something magnificent. The Statuario is one extraordinary example that always hits the right aesthetic spot. From traditional usage to ultra-modern applications, the Statuario has been the epitome of Italian marble. History is filled with pages of the beautiful works by Michaelangelo and Donatello, who used Statuturio to create some of the most renowned works of art that have boldly stood against the sands of time. An intervention of rock-hard composition with glorious hues and a lustrous shine on the outside just displays how pristine the natural marble is.

Due to its versatile nature to fit in any setup, the Statuario can blend into any space seamlessly. For example, the diverse stone serves as a neutral yet luxurious backdrop to display the TV. It works equally well as an easy-to-work counter-top in the kitchen or even as a widespread flooring unit over a massive area. The extravagant veining patterns in the Statuario resonate with the beautiful brushstrokes of nature. The exclusive StrennInn technique used by A-Class Marble over the years has made the natural stone marvellous in every sense of the word. Natural stones come with a sense of belonging to a space. They hold the incredible power to convert a standard room into a remarkable habitable space. Inclusion of Statuario achieved satisfactory results with the astonishing impact it brings.

About Statuario Marble

The Statuario has more to it than meets the eye. With its visually appealing looks, it also acts as an unparalleled building element that is sustainable for years to come, with minimal to no expense for servicing. The luxurious shine, sensational striking veins, and naturally formed patterns in the shades of grey and gold are enough to dignify the interiors into a breathtaking setting. Moreover, the Statuario, one of the rarest and most prestigious stones in the world. The stone has multiple uses and endless looks and styles due to its white-washed colour, dense purity and durability.

The Statuario has a graceful presence, be it a busy commercial setup or the interiors of a home. It may not be the ideal marble to be used for exterior decoration, but it is a guaranteed centre of attraction when it comes to indoor applications. The qualities and the ever-glowing aspect that these glamorous stones offer are unbeatable. Natural stones hold a crucial spot in furnishing or remodelling interiors. They effortlessly create an aura that is grand and serene at the same time. Statuario, a prodigious member of the list of prominent Italian marble, never fails to impress and express. It thus makes it an ideal choice for any project.

About the Company

Year 2005 witnessed the inception of A-Class Marble India Pvt. Ltd. It had a vision to bring the world’s most magnificent collection of marble to India. Within no time, the group surged ahead to become one of the largest importers of elusive Italian marble in India. The Company proudly offers one of the largest array of rare stones. The collection comprises more than 450 varieties of Italian marble, stone, granite and other architectural surfaces. These are imported under the sole agreement with many quarries and brands from Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Turkey, Vietnam, and other geographies across the world.

A-Class Marble has been on a relentless journey that has thus left impressive footprints all over India. Today, the company owns the largest warehouse spread over sprawling 1, 20,000 sq. ft. in New Delhi. It strengthened its presence by opening its contemporary showroom showcasing its exquisite stones in the heart of India’s NCR. Established in 2012, the backbone invincibly working round the clock, is the state-of-the-art production unit spread over 10,00,000 sq. ft. The latest addition is the breathtaking showroom located at Asia’s biggest Marble Market at RIICO Industrial Area in Kishangarh, Rajasthan. It offers a purview of A-Class Marble’s luxurious accumulation, hand-picked from all across the globe.

In 2016, the group had successfully established its first-one-of-its-kind smart showroom “A-Class Atelier”. The showroom with a lounge concept is in India’s first World Heritage City – Ahmedabad, Gujarat. These facilities equipped with ultra-modern Italian machineries thus have a strong team of 350 highly trained professionals including managers, engineers and technicians. Following the strategy of importing only the finest Italian marble and keeping stringent check at every stage enabled the company to meet consumer delight through outstanding quality.

A journey that started with importing marbles has now entered new territories. In 2017, the Company has also successfully ventured in the new age materials like porcelain slabs by Fiandre from Italy. They introduced A-Class Surfaces International in 2018. The marble slabs exhibit high value of design. They have thus been successfully adding master-strokes to architectural marvels like Residences, Hotels, Corporate Offices, Showrooms, Farmhouses, Malls, Clubs and many other luxury projects. Yet, the group’s most illustrious achievement is being recognized globally for enduring professionalism and efficiency. Consequently today, with A-Class Marble, you can rest assured that your edifice truly gets a class apart grandeur.

A Class Marble

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