A Look at India’s 10 Key Upcoming Airport Projects

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Airport construction projects are complex and demand a multitude of resources, materials, and technologies for their successful execution. They are large-scale infrastructure projects that play a crucial role in connecting people and goods globally. As India’s most comprehensive construction market intelligence platform, Biltrax is tracking over 116 airports in India. The aggregated area of these 116 projects is over 59.72 million SqFt and the aggregated cost is over INR 76,908 crore.

Using insights from our proprietary platform, we have identified 10 key upcoming airport projects set to revolutionize the aviation industry. In this article, we will provide an in-depth look at each project, including construction cost, capacity, current status, and expected completion date, as well as actionable insights for building material manufacturers who seek to participate in the airport construction market. 

Keeping abreast of the latest trends and advancements in airport construction can provide a significant advantage for building material manufacturers, helping them to maximize their opportunities for success in this dynamic and competitive construction industry.

Take a glance at India’s key airport projects in 2023-

1. Navi Mumbai Greenfield International Airport, Maharashtra

Navi Mumbai International Airport, also known as D. B. Patil International Airport, is a new greenfield international airport being constructed in Navi Mumbai, India. It will serve as a secondary airport for Mumbai and have the capacity to handle 25 million passengers per year in its first phase, with plans to expand to over 90 million passengers in its final stage. 

The airport is being developed by City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) and the masterplan has been charted by Jacobs Engineering Group. The passenger terminals and ATC tower have been designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The INR 16,700 crore project is being executed by a special-purpose vehicle formed by Adani Airports Holdings Limited and CIDCO under the name Navi Mumbai International Airport Limited (NMIAL).

The airport will cover an area of 1,160 hectares. The construction began in August 2021 and is projected to be completed by 2025. The airport will have a total apron size of 67,000 sq m (720,000 sq ft), a terminal area of 17,000 sq m (180,000 sq ft), and parking for 10 code C aircraft. There will be two runways, one of which will be operational in Phase 1. It will include three interconnected terminal buildings that are state-of-the-art. The buildings will have food courts, lounges, travelators, and other passenger amenities. The airport’s entire capacity in the final phase will be 90 million passengers. To give an aesthetic motif, the structures will be formed like lotuses. 

In the initial phase, the airport will also contain a low-cost airline terminal capable of processing two million passengers each year. The domestic freight terminal will be 33,000 sq m (360,000 sq ft), while the international cargo terminal will be 23,700 sq m (255,000 sq ft).

The airport will contain a fuel farm of 151,000 sq m (1,630,000 sq ft) and three aircraft hangars. 

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The Ideation and Planning of Navi Mumbai International Airport

Name of AirportNavi Mumbai Greenfield International Airport, Maharashtra
LocationNavi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Construction CostINR 16,700 crore
Developer (Government)City & Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited (CIDCO)
Developer (Private)Navi Mumbai International Airport Limited (NMIAL), GVK Group, Adani Enterprises Limited
Site Area1160 hectares

2. Bhiwadi Greenfield International Airport, Alwar

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A new airport, the Bhiwadi Greenfield International Airport, is coming up in Alwar district, Rajasthan. The proposed project will be built by the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC), and Airports Authority of India (AAI). 

This proposed airport site is roughly 6.2 km long in the East-West direction and 3.5 km in the North-South direction. The area covered by the airport site is approximately 5086 acres (2058 hectares). This project proposal divides the complete project into four phases. The total cost for all four phases is around INR 10,670 crores.

Name of AirportBhiwadi Greenfield International Airport, Alwar
LocationAlwar, Rajasthan
Construction CostINR 10,670 crore
Developer (Government)Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC)
Airports Authority of India (AAI)
Site Area2058 hectares

3. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Expansion, Hyderabad

The GMR Group is making a significant investment of INR 6,300 crore in the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to accommodate a growing number of travellers. The airport’s capacity will be expanded to accommodate up to 34 million passengers annually by 2024.

The expansion project encompasses several key upgrades, including the construction of an expanded Passenger Terminal Building 1, a new Passenger Terminal Building 2, an expanded Passenger Transport Centre with 30 aerobridges, a larger Cargo Terminal Building, an expanded Cargo Satellite Building, a Multi-Level Car Parking facility, a Transport Hub, and a VVIP Terminal.

Name of AirportRajiv Gandhi International Airport Expansion, Hyderabad
Construction CostINR 6,300 crore
Developer (Government)Airports Authority of India (AAI)
Developer (Private)GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited

4. Seabird Phase IIA Naval Air Station, Karwar, Karnataka

Seabird Phase IIA Project includes the planned Naval Air Station. The Indian Navy will build the airport terminal at Karwar, Karnataka, at a cost of INR 2,870 crores. The project entails the building of a new naval base on 4,480 hectare of land, 400 hectare of which will be used for construction and the remainder for afforestation.

It will be deployed in two stages. The first phase included the construction of onshore facilities such as the Naval Ship Repair Yard (NSRY), 100-bed hospital, logistics complex, Armament/Missile Depot, as well as high-quality residential housing with associated amenities, three breakwaters with one 415-meter-long pier, shiplift and dry berth, flag officer Karwar administrative building, depot ship, and single and married housing for officers, sailors, and civilians. 

The project’s second phase will be implemented in two sub-phases, Phases 2A and 2B. Phase 2A of the project will increase the number of front-line vessels from 10 to 30 and construct a new Naval Air Station. Along with the additional berths, Phase 2B would see the facility expanded to accommodate about 50 front-line vessels.

Name of AirportSeabird Phase IIA Naval Air Station, Karwar
LocationKarwar, Karnataka
Construction CostINR 2,870 crore
Developer (Government)Indian Navy

5. Multi-Modal International Passenger and Cargo Hub Airport, Nagpur, Maharashtra

The Multi-modal International Cargo Hub and Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN) is an airport project for Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport project in Nagpur. In terms of investment, it is the largest economic development project now ongoing in India. The project intends to capitalise on Nagpur’s central location by converting the current airport into a major freight hub with integrated road and rail links.

This project is divided into two parts:

  • On the southern end of Nagpur, there will be an international airport that will serve as a freight hub.
  • The second part comprises a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) with a residential zone covering a total area of 40.25 sq km.

The project’s anticipated capital cost is INR 2581 crores (by 2035) and is expected to yield INR 5280 crores in income.

Name of AirportMulti-Modal International Passenger and Cargo Hub Airport, Nagpur
LocationNagpur, Maharashtra
Construction CostINR 2,581 crore
Developer (Government)Maharashtra Airport Development Company Limited (MADCL), Airports Authority of India (AAI)
Developer (Private)GMR Group

6. Modernization of Chennai International Airport, Phase-II, Chennai

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) is set to undertake the modernization of Chennai Airport, Phase-II, at an estimated cost of INR 2,476 crores. The project includes the following key components:

  • The old domestic terminal (T2) will be demolished and reconstructed.
  • The old international terminal (T3) will also undergo demolition and reconstruction.
  • An airside corridor will be reconstructed to ensure seamless integration.
  • Provision will be made in the new terminal for future connection to a satellite terminal through a tunnel.
  • The number of contact bays will be increased.
  • A multi-level car park will be developed.
  • An integrated common user cargo complex will be created after demolishing the old unused terminal at Meenambakkam.
  • Contact bays for category E cargo freighters will also be developed.
Name of AirportModernization of Chennai International Airport, Phase-II, Chennai
LocationChennai, Tamil Nadu
Construction CostINR 2,476 crore
Developer (Government)Airports Authority of India (AAI)

7. Mandi Greenfield International Airport, Himachal Pradesh

The proposed Mandi Airport will be a new airport located in the Balh Valley of Mandi District in Himachal Pradesh. It will feature a runway that is 2.1 kilometers long and is being jointly developed by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and the Andhra Pradesh government through a joint venture company, with AAI owning 51% and the Andhra Pradesh government 49% of the company. The cost of construction is estimated to be INR 2000 crore.

Name of AirportMandi Greenfield International Airport, Himachal Pradesh
LocationMandi, Himachal Pradesh
Construction CostINR 2,000 crore
Developer (Government)Airports Authority of India (AAI) Department of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Himachal Pradesh

8. Jewar Greenfield International Airport, Noida

The Noida International Airport, also known as the Jewar International Airport, is a planned international airport in Uttar Pradesh, India, that will serve the National Capital Region. It will be developed under a PPP model by private developer Zurich Airport International AG in partnership with government agencies including the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, the Noida International Airport Limited, and the Directorate of Civil Aviation of the Uttar Pradesh government. The airport aims to provide an alternative to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi to alleviate its high and growing traffic load, and is projected to be India’s largest airport. The total cost of the project is estimated to be INR 1620 crore.

The airport will be developed in four phases :

 Phase 1 – Terminal Building for peak 2750 Passenger Capacity, Management Building, Security Staff Building, 2 Runways

Phase 2 – Terminal Building for the peak of additional 2750 Passenger Capacity

Phase 3 – Terminal Building expansion for the peak of additional 3500 Passenger Capacity

Phase 4 – Terminal Building expansion for the peak of additional 3000 Passenger Capacity. 

Name of AirportJewar Greenfield International Airport, Noida
LocationNoida, Uttar Pradesh
Construction CostINR 1,620 crore
Developer (Government)Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), Noida International Airport Limited (NIAL), Directorate of Civil Aviation Uttar Pradesh Government
Developer (Private)Zurich Airport International AG

9. International Greenfield Airport, Chennai

The International Greenfield Airport, Chennai will be built by Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Limited (TIDCO) and Airports Authority of India (AAI) at a cost of INR 1500 crore. The Parandur airport project is a proposed development that will occupy a vast area of approximately 5,000 acres. The main aim of this airport is to alleviate the pressure and overcrowding at the existing Chennai airport. The proposed airport will feature two runways that will allow for simultaneous take-off and landing of multiple aircraft. To cater to the needs of passengers, there will be two passenger terminals with state-of-the-art facilities for comfortable and convenient air travel. Additionally, the airport will also have a dedicated cargo terminal to accommodate the transportation of goods and merchandise. This comprehensive airport infrastructure will ensure that the Parandur airport is equipped to handle both passenger and cargo operations efficiently.

Name of AirportInternational Greenfield Airport, Chennai
LocationChennai, Tamil Nadu
Construction CostINR 1,500 crore
Developer (Government)Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Limited (TIDCO), Airports Authority of India (AAI)

10. Srinagar International Airport Expansion, Srinagar

The expansion of the Srinagar International Airport, located in Jammu & Kashmir, is a vital project that has been planned under the supervision of the Airports Authority of India (AAI). The aim of the expansion is to enhance the aviation facilities at the airport and improve the air connectivity of the region. The current terminal building will be dramatically expanded to accommodate the growing number of passengers traveling to and from the region. The terminal will be increased three times its original size, resulting in a spacious facility covering 60,000 sq mt.  The cost of the project is estimated at INR 1,500 crores, showcasing the magnitude and importance of the expansion. The airport will also have the addition of two new aircraft stands, allowing for a greater number of flights to operate from the airport. This will help to increase the accessibility of the region and promote economic development.

Name of AirportSrinagar International Airport Expansion, Srinagar
LocationSrinagar, Kashmir
Construction CostINR 1,500 crore
Developer (Government)Airports Authority of India (AAI)

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