Aparna Kaushik unveils stunning Foyer Areas

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New Delhi-based Architect Aparna Kaushik, unveils a collection of stunning foyer areas that stop you in your tracks. Graceful, precise and impactful design is her forte. With their enchanting classical features, the foyer areas hark back to a distant era, yet are encased in contemporary sophistication. Inlay flooring, coffered and vaulted ceilings and vintage light fixtures and furniture pieces lend them an air of relatable old-world charm. 

Stunning Foyer Areas

Aparna Kaushik has come up with multiple foyer designs taking into consideration the taste of the user. With the use of classic elements such as chandeliers, photo frames, and gargoyles, the foyer designs exude a vintage feeling. The flooring design complements the walls and the ceiling. Aparna Kaushik followed the basic design principles such as symmetry and balance. This thus created a picturesque effect at the first glance.

Perfect concentric inlay flooring is a striking feature of this transitional space. It stuns you with its exquisite beauty and symmetry.

Coffered ceiling and daintily curved furniture pieces combined with some contemporary details evoke charming classicism.

A Vaulted ceiling imparts a lofty grandeur to this room. The light fixture, the fireplace, and the wall details ensure this place gives out vintage allure.

About Aparna Kaushik 

New Delhi-based Architect Aparna Kaushik is the Founding Principal and Design Director of an eponymous, design-and-build firm that works across architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting, product design and landscaping. Her design ethos is built on a studied balance of art and architectural history that fuses classical composition with contemporary flair and pragmatic precision to integrate the client’s most explicit requirements and subtle preferences. Her creations, spanning expansive luxury estates to stylishly intimate boutiques, commercial establishments to retail outlets, spas to pubs and restaurants… are an example of perfect functionality and striking aesthetics.  

Aparna Kaushik

Visit: www.aparnakaushik.com

Email id: enquiries@aparnakaushik.com

Contact: +91 9310359993, +91 0120 4371060


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