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Established in 2004, and committed to steadily curating spatial ideas that meet the demands of the ever-evolving AEC industry, Aum Architects are pioneers. They ensure that design deliverables are aesthetically pleasing and satisfy client requirements. The firm believes in four fundamentals that include Form or Design, Function, Quality, and Sustainability. They try to optimise available resources with respect to building and interior design that is driven by form and function. Spearheaded by Ar. Manish Dikshit, Aum Architects has completed over 120 projects, for an eminent and diverse clientele spanning across 10 countries. He speaks to Biltrax media about an ideal home that is comfortable and aesthetic. He emphasises that home is a statement of the owner’s personality.

Comfort is always a prerequisite while designing our homes. Aesthetics come a close second. But what’s more important is what our space speaks for us. It’s imperative to design a space that infuses our personality. A statement piece or a colour canvas, small niches such as these when put together personifies our space and lends our home character.

“Home is where your heart is,” as the cliché goes, a belief that the home’s decor conveys a lot about the personality corresponds closely to this notion. People in today’s world prioritise their lifestyle, fashion, appearance, and the presentation of their living space for many reasons and purposes. Every house has a narrative to tell, and the way it appears speaks to the personality of the occupants. The colours used to paint the walls, the lights installed to give the space a sense of warmth, the decor put up to embellish empty walls and much more contribute to the nuances that make it a home.

Houses are one place where people desire serenity and pleasure. These two factors can have varied implications based on the person’s personality. As a result, merging these two aspects in the home will undoubtedly become a mirror of the personality. Likewise, the Aum Architects attach great importance to the client’s priorities and alternatives. Additionally, folks have realised the concept of a “blissful environment,” and it will only continue to advance through time.

Despite what people usually say, decorating a home is a very personal endeavour. Many guidelines exist that expose how to effectively synchronise colours and décor styles. However, since they generally aim at a broad audience, so it’s natural if people find them indifferent. When considering an interior design style, it’s highly essential to match everything so that the home appears well-designed and harmonised, but don’t overlook the significance of infusing personality to promote an inviting and pleasurable ambience. Therefore, Aum architects address here how the space reflects one’s personality.


Comfort is key, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than living in a place that appears to be straight out of an interiors magazine or a furniture catalogue and the same is completely unappealing. It can be tough to balance style and comfort at times, but it is possible with a little effort. As a result, choosing furniture that is both convenient and attractive will make anyone’s experience much better than choosing luxury furniture. Thus, prior to selecting anything new, one must first determine what is handy and suitable for them in order to achieve the right product for the setting.


It is not mandatory to have a clutter-free and minimalist living space to generate a relaxing atmosphere. Instead, warm and friendly vibes are essential, because they’re the only thing that makes the residence feel truly distinct. Adding contrasting colours, souvenirs as decor, and masterfully exhibiting cherished family treasures will give the home a special and unique character. Of course, this doesn’t mean the house should be a shambles, but when it comes to design, go for a relaxed vibe because it will make the ambience comfortable, and people will appreciate a welcoming environment. 

The Filigree House, designed recently by Aum Architects, pays close attention to the needs of the user, while the interiors underline the aesthetic elegance within. The apartment is a one-of-a-kind take on modern architectural style, with a clean design approach to provide clients with an outstanding living experience. Each of these expertly designed spaces reflects a diverse range of personalities. A filigree of design pervades the property, perfectly wrapping up the overall intended scheme in a perfectly tied bow.


Paintings, vases, flowerpots, books, and other tiny and versatile decors can make the personality stand out. Furthermore, if you intend to incorporate new décor items and accessories, ensure that you understand how to coordinate patterns and textures to make things appear sleek and well-decorated.


Seeing beautiful homes in publications and on the internet can make people feel unhappy with their own abode. However, it is significant to mention that all the photographs that people view are just an arrangement designed to get them motivated to give their house a transformation. These homes always appear immaculate, and it is natural that photographs seen on the internet captivate us. Yet, people overlook that habitats often load themselves with items that require usage on a daily basis. Furthermore, addressing the demands will make them feel more at peace in their own houses.


Small details make up a personality. It is critical to pick which ones will be included in house decor. Now, determining one’s personality, particularly when it comes to home decor, can be difficult at times. But in order to do so, one must first define its preferences. From minimalism to maximalism, Scandinavian to eclectic, a person’s taste can be anything they want. Moreover, it is usually preferable to be inspired by a particular style rather than slavishly copying them. As this will result in a more pleasant environment and happier residents in the long term.

Finally, regardless of which interior design style is preferred, be certain to sustain the home as functional and comfortable. Skilfully crafted by Aum Architects the House on Levels was for a family of two generations. It was vital to express an individual identity for each of the bedrooms. The common areas had to be meticulously sumptuous. Planning and designing played a critical role in bringing their vision to life. The design style is elegant, with colour tones, a strong presence of marbled textures, geometric patterns. Above all, each element is given its own breathing space, carefully considered planning. Furthermore, the design is a fusion of contemporary and classical influences.

To summarise, everyone desires to construct the ideal home. The way it is decorated is often an embodiment of their character and ideas. The design of the home is a statement of personality, telling a story through the décor and themes employed. Homes are havens, thus it must represent the people who live in them when it actually comes to it.

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