Urbanscape: Barring Conventional Norms and Defining Identity

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Urbanscape emerged out of honesty and authenticity in their methods, practice, and design outcomes. The firm stands thus out with their modernist compositions, imbued by sustainability and user perception, along with the entire spectrum of scale they divulge in. Their designs thus aim to engender confluence between the form and systems of any project, being functionally harmonious with nature and sustainably integrating all user requirements, reflected in the industrial complex for Stonex situated in Kishangarh. Consequently the studio has won a range of credible International awards and accolades by way of media recognition.

Dinesh Panwar, early in his professional career realised the considerable gap in the architectural education received and how  the industry functioned in general. “My entrepreneurial journey started sometime after I graduated from the Institute of Environmental Design, and joined Kanvinde, Rai and Choudhary as an intern for six months, where the works of one of my biggest inspirations Ar. Achyut Kanvinde enthused me” cites Dinesh.

The design process for every project takes into account the topography, climatic conditions, site orientation, contextual parameters and most importantly, the client’s persona. Dinesh therefore says “Our design process is mostly organic and always starts from the context and the kind of client we are dealing with”. One of his projects, The Heritage Villa in Delhi, outlines their entire design process, striking a balance between a sumptuous and pragmatic design, while retaining the inherent pre-Independence colonial architecture sought by the client.

Urbanscape projects are functionally harmonious with nature and sustainably integrate all user requirements

Stonex © Suryan // Dang


The most desirable ecosystem of design is one where designers and other construction agencies go hand in hand. From the very beginning, they therefore integrate MEPF consultancies into the design. “Their technical inputs are taken into consideration to ensure that the best practices are implemented. The project is thus managed resourcefully. For example, using the best practices for air cooling through natural means and with the least possible energy consumption” speaks Dinesh.

Our design process is mostly organic and always starts from the context and the kind of client we are dealing with

Stonex © Studio Noughts and Crosses


Outsourcing MEPF services turn out to be beneficial. This was therefore in terms of getting the best expert consultation, saving time and effort, and managing projects efficiently. Adding on, Dinesh cites “At Urbanscape, we always insist on a project management team to take care of the execution of a project. The projects are therefore awarded to experienced contractors. They understand that the slightest of mistake can jeopardise the entire design process. We, along with our MEPF consultants, do periodic inspections of our sites. This is to ensure that the work is carried out as planned”. Most of their projects, such as the Stonex factory in Kishangarh, a residence in Punjabi Bagh and an apartment in DLF Camellia’s had project management consultants. This made the construction process more effective.

Urbanscape is currently working on residential projects in Delhi. They are also working on an office building in Ahmedabad and industrial and institutional projects in Bahadurgarh. With a portfolio of distinctive projects, the firm thus looks forward to designing luxury residences, commercial and institutional ventures.

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