B&B Italia Unveils the Iconic Up Series Armchair 2000

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B&B Italia, the world leader in the contemporary furnishing sector, has unveiled the iconic Up Series Armchair 2000 in India. People can avail the chair at Scala Home’s newly launched flagship store of B&B Italia and Flos in New Delhi. Considered an outstanding expression of design, the chair is an iconic piece of furniture.

Designed over 50 years ago in 1969 by the renowned architect, artist and designer Gaetano Pesce, the Up series has astonished connoisseurs with its expressive contours and shapes. Upholstered with elastic fabric, this chair set the design world on fire with it’s fluid design. Poised midway between design and art, this innovative solution originates from B&B Italia’s extensive technological know-how in terms of polyurethane injection moulding.
Most eye-catching among the armchairs is the UP5_6 created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the epochal design. It was upholstered with special beige and petrol green striped fabric. 

With its voluptuous shape, a metaphor of a large womb, the armchair calls to mind ancient statues of the goddesses of fertility. A spherical ottoman tied to the armchair contrasts the image of comfort and convenience with a more figurative one of a woman with a ball and chain tied to her foot.

“I believe that women have always unwittingly been their own jailer. This is why I decided to give this armchair the shape of a woman with a ball and chain, reflecting the traditional image of a prisoner,” said Gaetano Pesce about the design. 

The Serie up armchair is also available in a junior version for kids aged three and upwards. A perfect replica of the original design, only smaller. The series also includes the UP7 “foot”, a large sculptural object in painted polyurethane. This poses as an archaeological relic of the modern era.

About B&B Italia

Established in 1966 by visionary Piero Ambroglio Busnelli, B&B Italia built its success on the ability to represent contemporary culture through design, anticipating trends. It constantly seeks to respond to changes in taste and lifestyles. The group aims to create the most innovative, iconic and timeless pieces of design furniture. They inspire people around the globe. It employs the power of the best creative minds, unparalleled R&D and industrial know-how in its endeavour. Adding to this to the enviable made-in-Italy quality makes B&B Italia one of the world’s premier design companies. 

About Scala Home

Pioneers in bringing some of the finest and most iconic Italian design brands to India, Scala Home contributed to the Indian contemporary design scene for over 25 years. The comprehensive collection of Italian brands that they represent in India includes B&B Italia, Maxalto, Flos, Luceplan, Reflex Angelo, Frigerio, Vittoria Frigerio, MisuraEmme, Laurameroni and Euromobil.

Working closely with architects and interior designers, Scala Home provides to their clients a unique shopping experience. Their team handles every step and process in accordance with international best practices. 

With a dedicated office in Italy, Scala Home coordinates between the brands and their Indian office. They make the selection of designs a smooth affair.
With the belief that it is integral to understand the client’s personal preference in order to provide the best service, Scala Home consults with their clients from the earliest stages of a project. They curate bespoke interiors and collate a comprehensive design process. They involve themselves in all aspects of interior designing from lighting to furniture design.

Scala Homes

Email: dhwani@scalahome.in

Contact: +91 8586000608


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