Bombay High Court clears way for construction of overground Metro 2B corridor

Rutuja Kedare Dec 26, 2022 0

Construction of overground Metro 2B corridor:

On December 22, 2022, the Bombay High Court dismissed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) challenging the construction of the overground Metro 2B corridor (DN Nagar to Mankhurd), passing through SV Road, in close proximity to Juhu airport in Mumbai. This was after the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) informed the court that safety precautions had been taken and that rules had been followed.

The court took on record a DGCA affidavit, which stated that Airport Authority of India (AAI) had itself reduced the distance of Take-Off Runway Available (TORA) to 645 m, after removing 487 m of the total 1,132-m runway.

Advocate Rui Rodrigues, representing the DGCA, submitted the affidavit filed on December 21 by Shruti Mishra, Deputy Director of Operations. The affidavit said that though the TORA was reduced to 645 m, it was examined by the DGCA and approved as per established procedure.

In order to ensure the safety of aircraft operation at the airport, the aerodrome operator was advised to carry out a safety assessment which was then carried out by AAI and a report was submitted and examined by DGCA on September 16.


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