Curating the Most Efficient Storage Units for the Bedroom

Biltrax Media Oct 14, 2022 0

A chest of drawers and walk-in wardrobes are some of the conventional storage pieces in a bedroom; however, we often miss out on utilising small nooks to their advantage. With homes getting more compact, finding storage solutions is becoming a common challenge.

One way to supplement storage is using built-ins concealed within the space. Storage units in the wall with flush doors masked in the same colour and disguised with aesthetic treatments like mouldings can also work effectively. Other than walls, it is also a good idea to pick dual-purpose furniture, for instance, beds with shelves or drawers–or opt for a hydraulic bed that allows you to store all your essentials underneath it. If the furniture layout accommodates an ottoman, use it to house pillows and quilts. If your bedroom has a mid-height window, you can create a ledge for seating and provide storage underneath, adding utility and functionality to its design.

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