Design Deconstruct Presents Chic Home Offices

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India’s leading design and build company, Design Deconstruct presents a collection of luxurious home offices that are defined by statement-making design features. Clean lines, sleek proportions, opulent fabrics, and inventive details are the trademark of the brand. These chic home offices are designed as ideal spaces for the modern home, impeccably dressed and inviting. Every furniture and home décor piece has been meticulously curated. 

These home offices by Design Deconstruct exhibit an earthy colour palette and tailored details, which exhibit understated luxury. The home offices are an expression of arresting beauty where originality meets iconic design, enhanced by sculptural silhouettes, richly composed furnishings, and fine details. Along with unique furniture, the home offices also comprise statement pieces such as arresting artworks. 

Moreover, the lighting fixtures in the home offices have been carefully selected. The spaces feature awe-inspiring lighting fixtures, accent lighting, along with ample natural sunlight.

About Design Deconstruct 

Design Deconstruct (DD) is a multi-disciplinary build and interior design firm established by Monica Chadha in 2005, which forayed into construction with Rishabh Kapoor joining the team in 2014. Since then, the brand has been rendering services with great enthusiasm and detail. Design Deconstruct is driven by the quest for perfection and quality. It is the company’s endeavour to offer its customers the most cutting-edge designs of structure and usefulness. 

Globally today, interior designers and architects are driving all significant projects. These are the cornerstones of Design Deconstruct. The brand has been dealing with various turnkey undertakings as well. Design Deconstruct has set up a qualified group of individuals who can easily handle the designs and execution of architectural, landscape and interior design projects, together with the manufacturing of the brand’s own refined and customized furniture collections. The firm has practical experience in the designing of residential and commercial projects.

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