Development of IIT Permanent Campus at Bhilai

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The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology are developing the 1st phase of the permanent IIT campus at Bhilai. L&T Constructions and Kanvinde, Rai and Chowdhury Architects & Planners, Becquerel Industries Private Limited have completed 80% construction work at Bhilai. With the initial investment of INR 720 crores, they will complete the construction in 2023.  

IIT Permanent Campus at Bhilai

Project Location

The project envisages the construction of the permanent campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai at Kutelabhata, Durg, Chhattisgarh. The project is currently under construction and will spread across a land parcel of 345.77 acres along with a construction area of 3,650,361 sq. ft. It is at a latitude of 21° 14′ 43.2996″ N and at a longitude of 81° 19′ 6.8016″ E.

Spatial Organisation – Educational Block

Phase 1 of the project will comprise 2 blocks allotted to the Engineering department, with a ground floor and 5 upper floors. 2 blocks allotted to the Science department have a ground floor and 5 upper floors. 1 block allotted to the Central Instrument Facility has a ground floor and 2 upper floors.  1 block allotted to the Central Prototype Facility has a ground floor and 2 upper floors. 3 blocks allocated for the lecture halls have a ground floor and 1 upper floor. A health centre with a ground floor and 2 upper floors is planned in the campus.

Spatial Organisation – Residential Facilities

The residential facilities will include 2 blocks allotted to the boy’s hostel with a ground floor and 3 upper floors.1 block is allotted to the girls’ hostel with a ground floor and 3 upper floors.  A cafeteria with a ground floor and 1 upper floor, and a dedicated residential block for the staff with a ground floor and 10 upper floors are planned. A dedicated residential block for the director with a ground floor is also planned.


The project will also comprise a library and a data centre with a ground floor and 4 upper floors, and an observatory with a ground floor and 10 upper floors. A shopping centre with a ground floor and 1 upper floor and an access corridor with a ground floor, 1 upper floor is also in the works.

Key Project Details – IIT Permanent Campus

Project NameIIT Permanent Campus Phase 1, Bhilai
Name of the DeveloperCentral Public Works Department (CPWD)
LocationBhilai, Chhattisgarh
Pin code491001
Building CategoryIT Park
Year of Commencement 2022
Year of Completion2023
Latitude21° 14′ 43.2996″ N
Longitude81° 19′ 6.8016″ E. 
Plot Area (in acres)345.77 acres 
Total Project CostINR 720 crores

Larsen & Toubro

L&T Construction is a division of Larsen & Toubro (L&T), a major Indian technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services conglomerate, with global operations. L&T addresses critical needs in key sectors – Hydrocarbon, Infrastructure, Power, Process Industries, and Defence – for customers in over 30 countries around the world. It is engaged in core high-impact sectors of the economy and our integrated capabilities span the entire spectrum of ‘design to deliver’. With over 8 decades of a strong, customer-focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality, they have unmatched expertise across technology, engineering, construction, infrastructure projects and manufacturing.

Central Public Works Department (CPWD)

The CPWD came into existence in July 1854, when Lord Dalhousie established a central agency for the execution of public works and set up the Ajmer Provincial Division. Through professional expertise in disciplines, including architecture, engineering, and project management, the CPWD has been serving the nation for the last 164 years. The CPWD also has comprehensive experience in building construction and maintenance. The department has executed priority of work in difficult geographical and climatic conditions.

It has now grown into a comprehensive construction management department, which provides services from project concept to completion, consultancy, and maintenance management.

Becquerel Industries Pvt. Ltd

M/S. BECQUEREL INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD is one of the leading NDT and Geotechnical Engineering Consulting firms in India. Established in 1996, they have successfully completed over 5000 projects across India. During this time, they have grown from a small startup to a professional organisation employing a staff of over 150 persons. They have established our reputation as a company committed to providing engineering solutions to complex NDT & Geotechnical problems, as well as developing economic and safe designs for foundations and soil-related problems.

Picture Credits: IIT Bhilai

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