Distributor Required for A leading Material Handling Solutions company

Shriya Goyal Jul 06, 2021 0

The company is a leading market player in hoisting technologies. The successes and market leadership enjoyed by the company over decades are a testimony to the high-quality products and value that they have brought to their customers and the market in association with their technology providers. 
The company is currently seeking a Distributor for Bangalore with the mentioned prerequisites.

Distributor Requirements:

A Distributor with minimum 5 years of experience is required. The distributor agency should be dealing in any of the products below:

  1. Air compressors
  2. Crane Manufacturers
  3. Lifting & tackles traders
  4. Wire rope Dealers
  5. Pumps
  6. Valves

The distributor entity needs to have Industry Experience in either one or more of the following  – Chemical, Dairy, Power, Steel, Sugar, Brewery, Cement, Glass, Marine, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Fertilizer, Railway, Medical and Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Renewable Energy, Semiconductor, Electricity, Power  Generation, Optical and Lens, Hostel and Hospitality, Aerospace, Water treatment, Infrastructure, Pulp and Paper, Semiconductor, Engineering and Fabrications, Oil and Gas Exploration, Textile and Spinning, Petro Chemical, Thermal and Nuclear, Food, Beverages, Surface Coating, Painting and Electrostatic, Metal and Mining, Electronics News Print – Publications and Diamond Cutting – Polishing.

The Infrastructure required:

  1. Separate Sales and service team. (2 members in each team)
  2. Godown facility for storage of our products

Financial Status of the company:

  1. Should be Financially stable
  2. Payment history to vendors and other principles should be good

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact:

Email: editor@biltrax.com



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