From the Heart of Italy with Love: Driade at Strrot harmonises a symphony of style, unveiling opulent elegance for India’s most discerning homeowners

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In the kaleidoscope of global design, where every pattern holds a story and every curve whispers innovation, Driade emerges as a beacon of aesthetic exploration. With dedication to infusing beauty into everyday living, Driade’s creations transcend mere functionality, within the fabric of contemporary design. This melange of Strrot – the epitome of luxury home décor in New Delhi, is curated by visionary entrepreneur Sidhant Lamba, and Driade, the Italian purveyor of exquisite furniture and décor pieces. Together, they begin on a mission to redefine opulence and sophistication in the country’s discerning market. They offer a curated selection of Driade’s iconic products to elevate the homes and lifestyles of connoisseurs nationwide.

Driade’s furniture is all about blending elegance with a touch of uniqueness. They create classic yet modern pieces, filled with energy and excitement. Their highlight is how they use materials like polycarbonate unexpectedly, making furniture look as good outside as it does inside. It’s this mix of style and innovation that sets the brand apart.

Atra-tatra Swing

Nemo Chair

Among Driade’s iconic offerings is the Nemo Chair, a masterpiece conceived by Italian designer Fabio Novembre. Serving as furniture and art, the Nemo Chair invites occupants into a realm of mythic beauty. Its hollowed-out face creates an inhabitable space within the head-armchair structure. Novembre’s distinctive storytelling style infuses the chair with mystery and allure, captivating the senses and sparking the imagination.

Cocky Armchair

In a whimsical collaboration with visionary artist Sfera Ebbasta, Driade presents the extravagant Cocky armchair. Inspired by the noble birds of flight, the Cocky armchair features wing-like armrests and a polished gold-finished claw base. These exude opulence and whimsy. Sfera Ebbasta’s artistic vision breathes life into this statement piece. This elevates the armchair beyond mere furniture to a symbol of artistic expression and luxury.

Driade Cocky Armchair

Venus Bookshelf

Fabio Novembre’s creative genius shines again in the Venus bookshelf – a fusion of form and function. This furniture piece is inspired by the wooden crates used to transport statues in museums. Though both a practical bookcase and a symbol of timeless beauty, Venus transcends traditional notions of storage furniture. Its graceful design transforms mundane storage into an aesthetic experience. It further blurs the lines between sculpture and furniture and invites contemplation from all who encounter it.

Driade Venus Bookshelf

Sidhant Lamba, the ingenious behind Strrot, is renowned for his unwavering passion for luxury and his ability to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity. With a diverse background, Lamba brings a unique perspective to home décor. Strrot’s collaboration with Driade reflects Lamba’s commitment to offering his clientele access to the finest in contemporary design curated from around the globe. Through Strrot’s exclusive retail presence in India, discerning clientele gain access to Driade’s iconic creations. This collaboration not only enriches the Indian home décor landscape but also reaffirms the enduring appeal of Driade’s aesthetic vision.

As Sidhant Lamba continues to curate immersive experiences at Strrot, the legacy of elegance and innovation embodied by Driade finds a new home in the vibrant tapestry of Indian design culture, inspiring a new generation of connoisseurs and tastemakers.

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