Driving Growth & Success – Biltrax’s Mission & Vision for the Building Material Industry in India

Sakshi Agrawal Jul 25, 2023 0
  • You want to take your building material business to new heights.
  • You are sifting through mountains of data to find the right opportunities & leads.
  • But, you are landing up nowhere.

Biltrax Construction Data is here to transform the way you operate & drive your growth in the dynamic world of India’s building material market.

In today’s competitive business landscape, generating qualified leads & driving sales growth is a constant challenge. Sales teams often find themselves spending countless hours prospecting, only to end up with mediocre opportunities. Biltrax Construction Data(BCD) understands these pain points & has developed a game-changing solution to help you break free from the cycle of uncertainty & take your lead generation efforts to new heights.

A Glimpse into the Numbers

BCD is the leading & the most comprehensive platform providing construction market intelligence solutions covering the US $700B Indian construction industry. BCD’s stellar team of analysts pour over 150,000 hours annually reviewing & compiling information on projects, companies, professionals, tenders, contracts & construction products to generate proprietary data, insights & analytics for clients which are delivered through BCD’s state-of-the-art technology platforms: BX-1 & BX-2.

As of early 2023, BCD tracks well over 38,000 projects covering over 11 Billion-SqFt of construction area accounting for a construction value of 65,00,000 INR-Cr (US$780B). Each day BCD’s teams engage closely with clients; leaders from sales, marketing, specification, business development, & strategy as well as management teams of India’s leading construction material manufacturers.

A Vision to Become the Leading & Most Trusted Knowledge Partner

BCD envisions a future where extraordinary business outcomes are achieved through its innovative technology platform, state-of-the-art technology, & streamlined workflows.

Biltrax Construction Data envisions becoming the Leading & Most Trusted Knowledge Partner for thousands of Construction Material Manufacturers, Distributors, Consultants & Contractors in India’s flourishing Construction Industry.

A Mission to Transform the Construction Sector Through Data & Analytics

BCD’s Clients include leading Construction Material Manufacturers, Distributors, Contractors & Consultants in the Indian Construction Industry. Each day, BCD strives to be the Preferred Partner for thousands of Companies & Professionals in India’s Construction Sector profit from Faster, Well-Informed Decisions based on Data, Insights & Analytics. BCD takes pride in Opening New Frontiers for Clients.

BCD’s Proprietary Data, Expert Insights & Innovative Technology Platform provide Reliable, Actionable, Comprehensive & Forward-Looking Intelligence to Senior Industry Professionals. BCD works closely with Client Teams guiding them with our insights; BCD’s deliverables are deeply embedded in Specification, Sales, Marketing & Strategic Workflows.

Why Biltrax Construction Data exists?

1.     Enable Transactions for Clients

By leveraging a comprehensive database & cutting-edge technology platform, BCD empowers clients to identify & capitalize on lucrative opportunities within the construction industry. Real-time insights & market analysis provide clients with a clear understanding of construction projects in their target markets, enabling them to make informed decisions & forge successful transactions. 

2.     Enable Visibility of the Entire Spectrum of Construction Projects in Clients’ target markets & provide them a real chance to pursue those opportunities

BCD is driven by the mission to provide unparalleled visibility into the entire spectrum of construction projects. Through its data-driven platform, BCD equips clients with up-to-date information on ongoing & upcoming projects, including crucial details such as project scope, timelines, stakeholders, & budgets. This comprehensive visibility empowers building material manufacturers to strategize effectively, align resources, & pursue the most promising opportunities in their target markets.

3.     Empowering Clients in Building Meaningful Relationships with Key Advisors, Influencers & Decision Makers for these projects

By connecting clients with key advisors, influencers, & decision-makers, BCD empowers its clients to forge strong partnerships & collaborations. These relationships serve as a catalyst for success, providing clients with invaluable expertise, resources, & opportunities.

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Biltrax Construction Data is tracking 23,000+ projects on their technology platform for their clients.

Get exclusive access to upcoming projects in India with actionable insights and gain a competitive advantage for your products in the Indian Construction Market.

Visit www.biltrax.com or email us at contact@biltrax.com to become a subscriber and generate leads.


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