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Ebara Machinery Pvt Ltd offers a solution for pump applications all the way from Japan. The Ebara Corporation, established in 1912 in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the world’s  largest centrifugal pump manufacturer.Their vast product range covers applications related to clean water, wastewater, chemicals, oil, and gas. A subsidiary of Ebara Corporation – Ebara Machinery India Pvt Limited – brings this Japanese technology to India. This Indian subsidiary offers efficient pumping solutions and services everywhere in India. In the construction segment, for instance, Ebara can provide innovative efficient pumps and systems for transfer sets, boosters, hot & cold water circulation, systems for HVAC, wastewater, and sewage. Ebara Machinery India Private Limited aspires to be the most revered, one-stop destination for pumps in India. 

Despite being a country with a large number of water-bodies and fresh-water sources, India faces enormous challenges with its water crisis. This is owing to pollution levels that are increasingly contaminating natural water. Ebara offers a wide range of pumps to process water into clean drinking water. 

Types of Pumps from Ebara Machinery Pvt Ltd

The Ebara Booster set, for example, is a system ideal for high-rise buildings. It can come with single, multiple VFD(Variable Frequency Drive), or fixed speed. . The systems that do come with VFD, have several control or monitoring features

 Series 3M, a unique pump for transfer and booster application.. The pump has a one-of-a-kind casing manufactured by a hydroforming process, which is a patented technology, this process helps in improving pump efficiency and reducing noise level.

Next in line, the EVMS pumps vertical multistage pump  for high pressure application. This pump is unique with a shurricane impeller which reduces the thrust load on the motor shaft and for this any standard IEC motor can be used unlike other manufacturers where special motor has to be coupled. A sturdy pump used for transfer and boosting of water.

Matrix pump is a horizontal multistage pump in complete stainless steel used for small transfer booster sets.

Ebara’s portfolio also has a wide range of pumps and systems for wastewater treatment. 

The D Series is the range of submersible pumps for  wastewater and sewage , this range is offered in complete cast Iron. cast iron with SS impeller and  complete SS304/SS316/Duplex 

Given Ebara’s core competencies in water management, energy productions, and environmental solutions globally enable communities towards sustainable development. Supplying the world with efficient and dependable pumps, Ebara plays a crucial role in optimising water and its resources in a responsible manner creating a benchmark for in its league. 

Ebara Machinery India Pvt Ltd.


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