Expert tips to declutter your homes this festive season by ASRO Arcade

Shriya Goyal Oct 21, 2021 0

‘Diwali cleaning’ can be overwhelming and exhausting, when we take the tough decision of throwing off things no longer needed. Cluttering not only makes the space look shabby but can impact the productivity of the residents. Founded by Ar. Robin Sisodiya, Delhi-based ASRO Arcade brings in a fresh design perspective to create beguiling spaces and believes in putting forth a clean home this festive season. The team offers tips to declutter your home interiors and establish comfortable, captivating and clean homes.

Segregate the festive decorations

Diwali decorations put away in boxes are never reused. With limited shelf lives, most pieces take up a big chunk of storage. Check the items and throw away inoperable or contrasting things to make space for new decorations. 

Organize your living room

The living room is the most popular space that sets the design tone of the house. It can be decluttered efficiently with minimum effort by getting rid of unnecessary items, old magazines, and mismatched artefacts. Introduce new cushion covers and candles, to add zest and festive spirit to the space. For instance, In the living room of the Mystique residence designed by ASRO Arcade, the floral and green furniture upholstery brings in vibrant energy when amalgamated with the metallic statement pieces. The use of the candlesticks and the chic centre table further aids in building the festive fervour of the room. 

Keep the kitchen clutter-free

The festive season invites more cooking time with guests and increased demand for sweets, thus the kitchen spaces should be as tidy as possible. The kitchen is full of useless appliances and utensils, it is important to divide the space into sections, categorize items and keep what is necessary. It is best to keep kitchen counters uncluttered and shut storage cabinets to allow an illusion of free movement within the space. 

Polished bathrooms

Decluttering bathrooms are easy, sort things as per usage and trash expired or useless things for a clutter-free and clean space. The bathrooms can also be renovated with a neutral colour palette to keep the design scheme symmetric and elegant. 

Create a sorting system

One can curate their own sorting method or choose the three-box method that starts by labelling three boxes with ‘Keep (Daily utility items),’ ‘Get Rid of (Useless or broken items),’ and ‘Put In Storage (Seasonal or sentimental items).’ Fill in these boxes and keep arranging or throwing them as they fill. Ensure that the items being sorted are donated or recycled in a more environmentally friendly way. 

Decluttering can provide a sense of accomplishment and control. Ar. Robin Sosodiya hopes that these simple tips offer each one a warm welcome into a stress-free festive season. Give the home a minimalist look and remind oneself that editing is the key to having an assembled space.

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