Fima Carlo Frattini launches the Moove Shower-head

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Fima Carlo Frattini launched the Moove shower-head recently. The company is an Italian company that has existed for three generations. The continuous search for beauty and the spasmodic attention to every detail, from the choice of machinery, to the study of the components of a new product up to the development of its explanatory brochure, is what has always distinguished and characterized Fima Carlo Frattini. This renowned brand is unveiling its bespoke Moove Shower-head from its Wellness Collection. 

The Moove Shower-head

Design Philosophy

Designer by Davide Vercelli, Moove is an important part of the industry’s growth, demonstrating Fima Carlo Frattini’s capacity to design innovative solutions that are constantly in step with future trends. Moove deviates from standard shower-head usage and construction principles in keeping with the growth of today’s culture and customers; it is based on an unconventional notion of individualized use with a quick and easy gesture, and maintenance becomes simple and fast.

Design Concept

The Moove shower-head has a rectangular minimalist frame with one or more built-in steel modules. Two different water functions are available: a traditional rain shower and a waterfall effect. The modules can move within the frame to maximize the wellness area. There are 2 choices for the installation – wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted with steel cables and can have chrome, white, black or glass frame.  All these customizations create unique experiences, the consumer is the decision-maker, and the protagonist of his /her own relax. Customers can customize ad hoc Moove during the purchase process by choosing the installation mode (ceiling or wall-mounted), module configuration (one or two units of waterfall, one or two units of rain shower, individually waterfall or rain shower, or both functions of waterfall and rain shower), and frame and shower module finishes.

The version with the tempered glass frame is the pinnacle of innovation and design. The frame forms an unseen and beautiful architecture and produces a spectacular scenographic environment within the shower. Glass is a new material for shower-heads; the frame shapes an invisible and elegant architecture and provides a stunning scenographic environment within the shower.

The beauty of Moove is its ideal combination of aesthetics and practicality, as well as its ease of maintenance: each component can be quickly removed and soaked in water and limescale remover, or, for a better result, placed in the dishwasher machine to assure a lifetime of use.

About Fima Carlo Frattini

The history of Fima (Fabbrica Italiana Miscelatori Accessori) runs parallel to that of bathroom furniture and interior design. It is based on three precise values that summarize its design philosophy: #Green #Quality #Design. The company – founded in 1960 by Carlo Frattini – has a dynamic, international and absolutely contemporary character. It finds expression in unique and innovative solutions in the name of design, quality and functionality with particular attention to the environment and eco-sustainability.

The Fima2 Plant

Designed in 2016, the Fima2 plant incorporates more efficient management of the various processing phases. It has the latest generation machinery and systems to minimize consumption. In addition, the production centre is powered by solar energy, generated thanks to the photovoltaic system, and is equipped with a “zero impact” galvanic system, able to work with Trivalent Chromium which, unlike hexavalent chromium (currently used in 1990 % of cases), is free of carcinogenic elements, does not produce waste and considerably reduces the percentage of waste.

From the President’s Desk

“When I founded the company, in the 1960s, I already had experience in the sector, because I had been working as a craftsman for some time. I had invented particular types of machines for processing hoses. I started with accessories and later, together with my family, I entered the mixer business. Our company is a family business. This is an important value, which is maintained. Today it is my children and my family who run the company. The tap was our point of arrival, through which we were able to convey our image, brand and style. And even if we were among the last to dedicate ourselves to this production, in the space of fifteen years we have grown and specialized to such an extent that today we are counted among the first producers of taps in Italy,” states Carlo Frattini, President of Fima Carlo Frattini spa.

Fima – Carlo Frattini


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