Give a magical makeover to your walls with sublime artwork by Shruti Vij

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Shruti Vij is an independent artist, painter, and art enthusiast from Gurugram who exhibits rare taste and remarkable originality in her artwork. Graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi, she realized she was destined to be a painter when she entered the world of art. Shruti Vij, originally a leather designer by profession, blended her artistic abilities with her experiences in the fashion field, bringing about a perfect marriage of art and fashion.

She refers to art as a healing process that allowed her to express her feelings in a way she had never experienced before and calls it therapeutic. For her, painting is more of a passion than a vocation, since it gives her a vehicle to indulge in the creative process and express herself by crafting a colourful world. Her art is free-spirited and is not bound by any particular style or technique. Only one common thread that ties her artwork is its ability to touch hearts and leave people smiling and spellbound at the same time. 

Shruti has participated in many art shows in and around Delhi and Dubai. She also has a studio by the name of Shruti Arts. In the following article, Shruti explains how carefully placed art can give a magical makeover to your walls. 

Wall Makeover Through Art

The interior of your homes can be changed every few years and using wall decor is a quick and mess-free way to do so regardless of the way you choose to decorate your wall.  Every small detail can change and enhance the look of your room and brighten up that space or liven up the room. The idea is to add a piece or a few pieces that compliment that space and accentuate its design appeal while balancing the disorderly structure of the room and filling up potholes in the design plan.

No matter your personal style, there is always space to experiment with your walls. An empty wall could be redecorated as the focal point of your room or just as a functional piece. It all depends on the aesthetic and layout of the space, so remember to list down the purpose of your theme and how to best utilize space, whether functionally or aesthetically. 

Placing A Work of Art 

An empty wall is like a blank canvas, there are endless possibilities on what you can do to help spruce it up and personalize any corner of your house. A work of art is one of the fundamental ways of filling up an empty wall. It has many benefits to it that make it such a vital and critical component of any space. First and foremost, a work of art stimulates and invites conversation. It becomes a focal point for prompting stimulating conversation. We often see that it is treated as an afterthought and the last thing on the to-do list following the final coat of paint and all the furniture being set in place.

If you want to make a design statement, add some colourful paintings. It is ideal to create a focal point when you hang up your painting to make a statement. While randomly placing them might work using an even number of paintings, like a pair or in multiples of two, and placing them in a symmetrical arrangement and a similar colour palette will create the illusion of a unifying theme that will bring your lifeless wall back to life.

Curating a Gallery Wall 

An interesting and alternative take on the work of art concept is exciting to curate and can add value and meaning to your space. The curation of works of art to form a gallery wall can be a collection of diverse and dynamic mediums including photography, painting, and mixed media.

 Installing a work of art also becomes a reflection of yourself, a reflection of the decisions you make and the dialogue you set. A significant aspect of this option is also the notion of fuelling the creative economy and enriching the lives of artists by investing in the ecosystem. 

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