Hana Glass Partitioning Systems

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Hana Glass Partitioning Systems are a versatile and time-sparing solution for glass partitioning from Ozone India.

Ever since the industrial revolution, the graph of usage of glass in architecture has been a never-declining curve. Today, with ‘transparency’ being the centre of all contemporary designs, glass has become omnipresent, and glass partitions have become indispensable. This very indispensability makes it subject to constant improvements and changes to fit ongoing design trends. Ozone India is one of the leading providers of architectural hardware solutions in India that introduces Hana Partitioning Systems. These are demountable glass partition solutions for offices, hotels, hospitals, and other commercial spaces.

About Hana Glass Partitioning Systems

Design Concept

Hana glass partitioning systems are designed to complement contemporary architectural and interior trends. The partitions are easy to install, and give a clean, transparent, and finished look. The range includes glass swing door solutions, glass sliding door solutions, glass sleek sliding solutions, and shower sliding solutions. Under Hana, Ozone offers complete partition systems with complimenting hardware for doors – both swing and sliding and installations for glass-to-glass and glass-to-wall configuration. Hana glass partitioning systems concentrate highly on providing hassle-free and time-saving solutions. To add more, the ‘demountable’ feature makes it easier to work with, while reducing material wastage to the minimum.

Manufacturing Materials

This partition system’s engineering uses slim aluminium extruded profiles. These thoughtfully designed profiles are light-weight, have good workability, and low maintenance. They can be used with different hardware derivatives from the wide range of Ozone Glass Hardware. This feature not only makes the partitioning system versatile but also adaptive and reliable. It enables usage of new mechanisms in prevalent, trusted designs.

The partition system’s engineering uses slim aluminium extruded profiles. These profiles are light-weight, have good workability, low maintenance and are thoughtfully designed.

Suitable Uses

The Hana glass door partitioning systems are compatible with 10mm and 12mm thick toughened glass that has a weighing range between 45 kilograms to 100 kilograms. This range caters to partitions of up to 3000mm in height, including door configuration with over panel and sidelight. The Hana Shower Partition system suits 8mm toughened glass. It has to be used to create a shower partition of up to 2000mm in height.

Finishes Available

The Hana Partition system offers two variants in finishes: AN (Aluminium Anodized) and BM (Black Matt). Users and Designers can choose from the following hardware finishes – AN, SSS (Stainless Steel), or BM finishes. These choices can be used to create a colour-coordinated and elegant-looking partition or cubicle.

Ozone aims at providing the best possible aesthetics and mechanisms integrated into their products.

About Ozone India

Ozone India is no novice in the field of architectural hardware. All the products under Ozone’s umbrella are subject to strict quality checks at all stages in their manufacturing process. Along with quality, Ozone aims at providing the best possible aesthetics and mechanisms integrated into their products. The company does not take the trust of its clients for granted and still strives to improve with every range and product. With the same aspiration, Ozone has introduced Hana partition systems as a comprehensive variant that caters to the needs of a design and its designer.

Ozone India

Website: www.ozone-india.com

E-mail: customercare@ozone-india.com

Contact: 91 – 9310012300

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