Harmonizing Intimacy and Grandeur – The Joy Alukkas Penthouse Designed by Temple Town

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The Joy Alukkas Penthouse, Cochin, tells a design tale that captures the essence of Temple Town’s philosophy—blending the old with the new, the traditional with the contemporary. Through an infusion of vintage treasures, reclaimed elements, and global influences, Meera Pyarelal has crafted a home that reflects the welcoming, family-oriented, and generous spirit of its inhabitants. With meticulous attention to detail, an eye for unexpected pairings, and a commitment to sustainable practices, Temple Town has curated a sanctuary that evokes emotion, comfort, and a sense of heritage in every corner.

Crafting Intimate Grandeur

The client’s brief for the Joy Alukkas Penthouse posed an intriguing challenge—to design a space that strikes a perfect balance between homeliness and grandeur. As Meera Pyarelal collaborated closely with the client’s daughter, renowned for her impeccable taste, they embarked on a design adventure that embraced the use of reclaimed wood and sustainable options wherever possible. However, an additional obstacle presented itself—the demanding 90-day hand-over period.

A Reception Area that Conjures Graceful Grandeur

The entrance lobby sets the tone for the penthouse, boasting a beautiful reception area adorned with a Queen Anne console and an exquisite sculpture from Anthropologie UK. Against the backdrop of plaster mouldings, a harmonious fusion of antiques and lush greenery exudes relaxed formality, creating an enchanting space that captivates guests from the moment they arrive.

Foyer Uniting Vintage Charm with Purposeful Beauty

At the heart of the foyer, a prominent cane and wood chest takes pride of place, complemented by a stunning vintage mirror and carefully arranged botanicals that offer both aesthetics and practical storage. The vibrant colors, period furniture, and layered fabrics come together harmoniously, embracing a glamorous style that enchants the eye.

Enchanting Hues and Classic Treasures Reign in the Living Room

Stepping into the formal living room reveals a captivating scene where an antique door, repurposed from a Haveli in Jaipur, stands proudly between two Regency chairs upholstered in white and gold silk. Reminiscent of the quintessential Kerala textile, this arrangement showcases the fusion of cultures. Meanwhile, a sumptuous chesterfield in heavy green velvet, a Dutch colonial divan adorned with silk cushions, and a traditional South Indian oonjal create a captivating mix of design classics. The space is further elevated by a console table adorned with ornate brass mirrors, adding a touch of glamour and enhancing the sense of spaciousness. Above the divan, an award-winning charcoal-on-silk artwork by Kerala’s own Suneesh adds a captivating element of surprise, ensuring this living room is anything but predictable.

The Playful and Elegant Dining Area

The dining room is a delightful combination of classic elements and whimsical twists. The freshness of Lewis & Wood wallpaper and a stunning brass mirror provide a beautiful contrast to the traditional Louis XVI-style furniture. A bespoke brass pendant light, crafted in the form of a banana leaf, gracefully envelops the entire table, while the carefully styled 10-seater dining arrangement showcases exquisite crockery from the Rosabagh series by Good Earth, complemented by brass cutlery and customized linen napkins.

Bedrooms That Ignite the Imagination

Indulge in a visual feast as we explore the stunning bedrooms that reveal unexpected color schemes and luxurious comfort at every turn. The wintry blue bedroom captivates with a handsome cane bed set against a backdrop of tropical kalakaarihaath wallpaper, exuding a classic, colorful, and inviting ambiance. Across from the bed, a carefully curated collection of dried flowers offers a stylish and sustainable way to enjoy blooms throughout the year. Luxurious silk curtains with crochet embroidery and plush velvet seating complete the opulent atmosphere.

The master bedroom showcases European-inspired plaster moldings, black and white prints from Rome, and tropical-patterned bed linen that form perfect partners in this lavish master suite. Step onto the balcony, and panoramic views of the city await, providing a serene retreat within the bustling metropolis.

The guest bedroom presents an exquisite blend of calmness and stimulation, with an antique wooden panel serving as a headrest and an assortment of beautiful objects, layered textiles, art, and lamps that combine to create a soothing yet captivating space.

One of the bedrooms has been transformed into a media room, offering a haven for relaxation and staying up to date with world events. Adorned with a wall of antique stamps, velvet drapes, and a painted console, this room serves as the perfect spot to unwind and catch up on the latest happenings.

The Bespoke Lacquered Kitchen

The lacquered kitchen, painted in a pastel green hue imparts a timeless quality. Enhanced by a Satuario marble backsplash and elegant brass fittings, this kitchen is a refreshing sight to behold each morning. The breakfast station adds both functionality and aesthetics, boasting perfectly scaled panels for doors, complemented by cane lights and bar stools upholstered in exquisite Ajrakh print silk fabric.

A Balcony with Nostalgic Delights

Venturing onto the main balcony, one is greeted by a verdant wall of potted plants, reflecting a deep appreciation for greenery. The plantation chair adds a nostalgic touch, allowing residents to unwind while basking in the beauty of nature. From decorative interiors to abundant natural light and evocative furnishings, every element within this pied-a-terre inspires and captivates. The design seamlessly integrates vintage, antique, and global influences, resulting in a space that truly reflects the warm, welcoming, and big-hearted nature of the family it belongs to.

With its captivating mix of global influences, reclaimed pieces, and vibrant colors, this residence showcases the fusion of cultures and a deep appreciation for all things vintage and antique. From the elegant reception area to the breathtaking balcony views, every corner of this penthouse invites residents and guests to immerse themselves in a world of grandeur and warm hospitality.

Temple Town

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