Home for Assisted living Project at Narela, Delhi.

Patricia Alphonso Apr 08, 2020 0

The Public Works Department, Delhi would be developing an integrated campus of Assisted Living with allied facilities for specially-abled people and their caregivers. The proposed project is Home for Assisted Living, situated at Narela, Delhi.

The Assisted Living Project will consist of all day-to-day activities and recreational spaces designed with special consideration for the behaviour and movements of the differently abled.

It would house different zones and would integrate an institute for the caregivers creating a workforce to work in the complex and giving students an opportunity for hands-on learning.

The project site is spread over an area of 9.78 acres and has a development potential of 755,389 sq.ft. of built-up area.

The proposed project consists of an Administration and Hospital Building, a School Building, Residential Buildings of 4 Blocks, Staff Housing, an Apartment Block, Workshop.

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