How is Experiential Design Changing the Hotel Industry?

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Although the concept of experiential design exists for a while, it has gained more importance in recent years in the hospitality industry. Hotels have shifted their focus toward creating an environment that impacts the guest experiences in spaces. The experiential design transforms spaces into immersive environments. It awakens the senses and builds memories by creating alluring experiences. Ar. Anil Badan, of Studio B Architect, discusses how experiential design is changing the Hotel industry in this article.

Design for Wellness

A well-designed hotel interior has been demonstrated to improve the mental health and well-being of the guests. From ensuring a perfect lighting scheme to cutting-edge fitness equipment, we always consider infinite factors to ensure the wellness of customers. Firstly, creating communal spaces will encourage people to interact and build a sense of community. From yoga studios to shared dining experiences, the design of hotels should reimagine the communal areas that ingrain themselves in the memorable experiences, more than just providing beds and boards. Secondly, Biophilic design in guest rooms and communal spaces harnesses the feeling of harmony with nature created by a long walk or gazing at a beautiful landscape. It could involve the introduction of lush greenery or the selection of organic prints and floor covering that mimics nature.

Showcasing local

Local touches are popping out in the hotel design everywhere. There is a growing emphasis on artisanal, handcrafted, and locally sourced products in the hotel industry. We reflect the essence of local culture in every element of design and decor. This thus encourages an immersive experience for luxury travellers into the local ethos.  If a hotel is circumferenced by iconic architecture, the hotel should also feel the same, be it sweeping high ceilings or intricately woven corridors. Enriching the local culture in the hotels can end in a positive experience for the guests and keeps in line with one of the progressive movements of the hotel industry

Green design

We aim to provide the best possible experience to the guests. The choice of sustainability is not a challenge for us. Many opportunities are available from fixtures to furniture. Fixtures such as programmable temperature control taps, mood lighting, and energy-efficient LED lights are not only sustainable but also support guest wellness and experience in the hotels. Material choices in furniture and decor can help with place-making. They tie guests to the local environment, while creating a more community-focused sustainable experience. An inclusive green design that ensures the comfort of the users will help the environment and complement the guest experience.

Co-work and Co-live

One of the most pioneering trends that are emerging in the hotel industry is the growing number of co-working and co-living hotels. This trend creates spaces for work and play that spring out from the guest’s desire to engage with the public. It shifted its primary focus from guest rooms toward common spaces. These include the lobby to enhance social engagement and entertainment. The lobby and the surrounding area become incredibly important in enhancing the guest experience.

The hotel industry focuses constantly on the future. It always looks out for innovative ways to enhance the guest experience. This in turn keeps their guests loyal to get back to their doors. We, Studio B Architects, as pioneers of Hospitality design, always strive to stay ahead of the future trends in hospitality. 

About The Company

Based in Delhi, the Capital of India, Studio B Architects was founded by Mr. Anil Badan (Principal architect) in the year 2003. The firm built a reputation for interior design of premium destination hotels and resorts in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The talented international team brings a diversity of experience in interior design, fresh perspective and originality, together with honed technical expertise and attention to detail results in exquisite interiors.

The high professional standards, technical resourcefulness and absolute sense of commitment to individual and corporate values finds expression in their continued preference as design consultants of choice by our valued clients for years on end.

Studio B Architects invests in great people. The design staff is organised into groups comprising of Senior Architect, Architect and Junior Architect. Senior Architects are selected based on their superior credentials. They also demonstrate an ability to manage and guide teams towards producing creative and innovative design with an exceptional eye for detail. The groups rely on a network of flexible support staff that move easily between groups as projects dictate. Everyone within the company is encouraged to challenge, recommend and invent. The work ethic to constantly strive for higher levels of creative splendour. This coupled with our ability to react to cultural differences gives us an obvious edge. The design experts are a wealth of industry knowledge. Every effect is made by knowledgeable design team to help the client realize their design aspiration. The result is thus a stunning piece of creativity.

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