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Indus Homes, a name synonymous with luxury in the real estate industry, had a clear vision for the interior makeover of their office in New Delhi- a space that exemplifies luxury for both executives and employees alike. Puneet Budhiraja, Founder of Quba Homes, embraced the opportunity to exercise complete creative freedom, allowing for experimentation with diverse materials and a demonstration of Quba Homes’ expertise.

“We, as one of the leading manufacturers of furniture, explored different materials from leather to veneers and metals in interior design and furnishings, to bring out the essence of luxury in every detail,” says Puneet.

As one enters the lobby area, they are greeted by a feature wall standing as an installation art in itself. The double-height wall is paneled with a combination of veneer and fabric, which becomes the focal point at the entrance. The custom-designed reception table conceptualised by Quba Homes, features fluted textures and veneers. Right by this pièce de résistance lies an armchair made of leather with a metallic base. The flooring patterns also contribute to the luxurious appeal of this office lobby.

Further ahead, the lounge area, often used for informal meetings, is designed as a welcoming setup. Tufted couches in grey undertones, and the cream-hued chairs, with a table in between, make the perfect spot for casual tête-à-tête as well as brainstorming sessions. The palette embraces soft hues in the lounge area with hints of metal accents, maintaining the elegance of minimalistic luxury. The wall behind the couch boasts classic moldings that add an element of intrigue for visitors, giving them something to admire.

The project highlights regional construction practices, with the external walls made of exposed brick laid in a Flemish bond. Brick jaalis enable diffused light and ventilation within the interiors. The flooring is all red sandstone, while the main public areas are finished in exposed red concrete to help create an overall atmosphere of unity.

The cabins in the office feature glass façades that transition between clear glass and fluted textures. The idea behind these glass cabins was to maximize the influx of daylight as well as create an open and interactive atmosphere between the executives and employees. The furniture here, again displays a play of different materials- a wooden table, an executive chair, and a pair of wooden chairs cushioned with leather seaters, with hints of metal visible in every furniture piece. The use of glass partitions enhances the office space, making it look seamless and expansive. The glass partitions are framed with metallic profiles, in sync with the color scheme of the interiors, while exuding an opulent appeal.

The storage units are planned ingeniously at appropriate places, featuring curated decor and accessories from Quba Homes. The accessorisation picked on blending the old and new, a combination of vintage decor pieces with the contemporary bones of the interior. These storage units are surfaced with dark eucalyptus veneers, lending a stark contrast with the fluidic and soft textures of the custom-designed furnishings. These veneers find their place in the walls of the conference room, also on some of the side tables. Luxurious couches in vibrant hues strategically placed at corners, create cosy conversation spots throughout the office. Further setting this office apart from usual are the wall art and the sculptures, adding an artistic sense to the aesthetic as well as amplifying the relaxed vibe in the overall design.

Thus, in this New Delhi office of Indus Homes, every detail resonates with a sense of purpose and refinement. Quba Homes’ artistic flair is evident in the seamless blend of different materials with contemporary design elements. This space is more than an office; it’s a living canvas, showcasing Quba Homes’ dedication to crafting environments that exude luxury and inspire creativity.

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