Italian brand Momenti unveils exquisite paintings by leading artists

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Italian brand Momenti is a Custom Design company that offers tailor-made designs for the entire living environment from floor to wall coverings, furniture to accessories and artworks. Make your home ready with Italian brand Momenti’s spectacular paintings. Ottimo brings them to India.

Momenti’s Paintings

Momenti is celebrated for incorporating art into interiors through many elements – furniture, rugs, tiles, walls, furnishings, and the like. Consequently, through their paintings, they have brought imageries of all themes, colours and aesthetics to decorate the walls of homes across the world. 

Their paintings feature abstract human faces showcasing a range of emotions as well nature in all its glory amongst other intriguing themes. Crafted by prominent artists from around the world, Momenti’s paintings are therefore striking and thought-provoking. 

These arresting paintings instantly elevate the interiors of space and increase the style quotient. They thus add a distinctive character and can help express the resident’s personality and interests. Some of the leading artists include Honet, Darren Hopes, Marco Grassi, Ashima Kumar, Carlo Ravaioli, Mateo Bories, Reve+ and Tommaso Cavallini.

Momenti’s paintings or artistic prints are made on five different materials, Aluminium panel, Poly-methyl methacrylate plastic material that is similar to optical fibre in quality and transparency, Canvas panel, which is in aluminium alloy, externally covered with fibreglass fabric and vintage effect matte resin finish, Alveolar eco-panel, which is 100% recycled and recyclable cellulose panel with cellulose white kraft, and Sound absorbing panel in MDF structure, coated externally with acoustic polyester.

About the Brands


Momenti, the Italian company created by the Bagnai brothers, which produces design elements and furniture, wallpaper, paintings and ceramics. It is stronger today due to numerous collaborations with internationally acknowledged designers, artists, graphic designers, illustrators and craftsmen. Momenti works on shared projects with different personalities and skills. They therefore have an eye to the future to spread the quality of Made in Italy. They are thus desired around the world from those who seek highly customized and perfectly coordinated products.


Ottimo began life as an idea to showcase the best of Italian furniture in India. The brainchild of Ashok Basoya, Ottimo thus showcases leading Italian brands in the field of interior design. Backed by years of expertise, patented technologies and innovative designs, Ottimo’s showcase thus traverses sofas, beds, doors, walls and floorings. They also showcase kitchens, children’s rooms, rooms within rooms, studio apartments, and kitchen appliances, home automation and more.  



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