Kaunteya Unveils Elegant Mugs

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Kaunteya unveils elegant mugs to elevate tea or coffee time. Luxury tableware brand Kaunteya has unveiled a series of exquisite mugs that bring an elegant touch to your cuppa time, making them extra special. 

We all love tea and coffee, and there’s no denying it. They are two of the most popular beverages in India. It is only fair to enjoy our beloved drinks in style, isn’t it?! That is why our kitchen needs a striking and classy set of mugs for us to enjoy tea or coffee in their full glory. Kaunteya’s latest unveiled elegant mugs elevate your tea or coffee time experience by adding one of these mugs to your kitchen setup.

The arresting mugs display Kaunteya’s trademark designs, fine craftsmanship and luxurious material palette. Each mug showcases the brand’s immaculate finishing and innovative embellishing. The 24k gold touch puts them in a league of their own. 

The mugs are from a number of Kaunteya’s newly unveiled elegant mug collections. One collection uses the Pichwai tradition of storytelling through art to decorate the mugs. While the other pays tribute to the world-famous Dasara celebrations of Mysore. And yet another depicts the glorious Indian wedding using the Phad art form of Rajasthan. Not to forget the play of elegant geometrics in the Jyamiti collection. 

Kaunteya Unveils Elegant Mugs – the whole picture

Inspired by Indian mythology and its glorious heritage, Kaunteya presents bespoke tableware that brings a regal touch to your everyday life. Each piece from Kaunteya reflects an Indian story in all its splendour. Each of Kaunteya’s newly unveiled elegant mug collections takes the incredible beauty of Indian art, culture, history and mythology to the world, and enriches it with its enchanting allure and depth. 

The carefully crafted wares created with utmost attention to every minute detail steal the show. The silkscreen-printed, hand-decorated and then fired intricate designs achieve the breathtaking colours. Accented with a touch of 24k pure gold, transforms these elegant mugs into a perfect heirloom, which you would be proud to pass on to the next generation. 


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