Latest Furniture Collection from Eris : ‘Cocooned in Luxury’

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The latest furniture collection from Eris Home is called ‘Cocooned in Luxury’. Inspired by nature and an ode to its magnificence, the cocooned in luxury collection from Eris Home has woven the elegance of matte Eri Silk with cotton to create unique jacquard fabrics.

About Eris Home and Eris Global

Eris Home imbibes the value of kind luxury from it’s parent company of Eris Global. Founded in 2017, Eris Home aims to introduce the world to the beauty of non-violent Silk. The brand sources its material ethically. It believes that luxury shouldn’t kill and provides a safe environment to its people. To stay true to their ethos, Eris Global has to patiently wait for 45 days. The Eri worm takes 45 days to spin its cocoon, break free from it and fly away. The result of the wait is a lustrous matte fibre. This finally gets processed into a yarn. This Eris Home team then converts this yarn to an elegant yet robust “Ahimsa Silk” fabric in Bengaluru. Helmed by Sanjana Lunia, the brand has made this conscientious commitment to the environment tangible through their beautiful creations. 

The Cocooned in Luxury Collection

The Cocooned in Luxury Collection features bed covers, pillow covers and accent cushions, each with a unique story to tell. The bed covers made of ahimsa jacquard cotton silk double up as quilts. They have intricately woven designs that are inspired by the beauty of mother nature. For instance, the greyish-blue bed cover ‘Sombre Sky’, is reminiscent of a cloudy morning. This invokes the desire to laze in bed a few moments longer. In contrast, the combination of cream, orange and teal in the ‘Orange Sunset’ tells the tranquil tale of the sun as it bids us adieu at the end of the day. ‘Sandhills’, inspired by the unique impressions created by the ebb and flow of desert sand is third in this collection,. 

The Colour Palette

Crafted artfully with hues of blue, grey, teal, cream, orange, mustard and brown, this series inspired from nature imparts an understated brilliance to the entire collection.  With nature’s striking minerals as its muse, the ‘Mineral Palette’ series features six blended cotton bed covers. These radiate healing, soothing and calming aura, ideal for these times. It’s available in pastel colours such as powder pink, sea green, cream and mustard yellow. Accent cushions with a playful flair complement the entire collection. Lumbar cushion covers called ‘Allure’ characterised by embellishments, embroidery and beadwork; ‘Origami’ cushion covers inspired by its namesake technique and ‘Unicolor’ cushion covers for that fun and playful whimsy. 

“Created to delight and crafted to last, Eris Home aims to challenge the status quo in home furnishings and educate customers that, ‘sustainable affordable luxury’, isn’t an oxymoron.”

Eris Home prides itself as a brand that is nurturing the soul with its craft and celebrating the ethereal designs inspired from nature. All of this, done to strike that perfect balance between the ecosystem and the economy, brings a blissful addition to every corner of your home and heart. 

About Sanjana Lunia

Having studied Business Management at the University of Southern California, Sanjana gained a broad knowledge of all business operations from accounts and operations through to strategy and communication. Leveraging this experience, she first worked as Group Treasury Advisor at Landspace Construction gaining experience in managing asset allocation and fund requirements. It was then in March 2019 that I took up the exciting role of Marketing Director for ERIS Global, a sustainable and ethical fabric manufacturer and exporter to the US and the Middle East.


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