Maharashtra State Government Inks Agreement for Solar and Wind Power Plant in Pune

Biltrax Media Jun 15, 2023 0

In a significant development, the State Government of Maharashtra has recently entered into an agreement with multiple agencies to establish a solar and wind power plant in Pune. This agreement also encompasses the utilization of new technologies for electricity generation in the state.

Under the terms of the agreement, a solar power plant valued at 518 INR-Crore will be constructed in the Pune district. The Deputy Chief Minister officially announced this news, highlighting that the project will be located on the land owned by the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), also known as Mahaurja, in Chalkewadi, Pune.

Furthermore, the government has signed agreements with several agencies to produce approximately 5,220 Megawatts of electricity through solar, wind, and innovative technologies across the state. The implementation of this initiative will involve an overall investment of around 41,000 INR-Crore and is expected to generate employment for about 6,760 individuals statewide.

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