Millennials! Look out for Orange Tree’s latest Jasper collection

Sarvesh Joshi Mar 19, 2022 0

Millennials! Look out for Orange Tree’s latest Jasper collection is tailor-made for your lifestyle. It has stylish yet functional and minimalistic features.

Redefining the Millennial Interior Design Aesthetic

Redefining interior aesthetics to resonate with millennials’ penchant for individuality, self-expression and minimalistic designs is Orange Tree’s thoughtfully curated collection of contemporary furniture and accents titled “Jasper”. With classic minimalistic design philosophy as the base, the entire range strikes a fine balance between practical and fashionable décor.

Feeling the pulse of the young people, Jodhpur-based Orange Tree fashioned this avant-garde edit. It emphasizes on sleek lines, flexibility, space-saving and cost-effectiveness. Millennials want interiors that are not just functional with modern aesthetics but also meaningful and crafted consciously.  This affordable yet striking collection, takes inspiration from the banded nature of the jasper stone. The supreme nurturer, brings about tranquillity and wholeness, balances the rhythm and pace of their lifestyle.

Natural Acacia wood accenting the framework of metal with black finishes, maintaining crisp lines and no fuss silhouettes, each piece resonates with new-age style, is easy to move and uses less space. The comfortable Jasper lounge chair, smart coffee table and nested tables along with a simple bench and stylish pouffe can transform and complement any living room space with their unique style and chic aesthetics. To complete the look, there is a modern ladder rack and planters in different sizes to enliven your ambience. 

Tailored to the style of young adults of today, who want their spaces to be cosy, simplistic yet trendy, value for money and social media-ready. The space-saving and snazzy Jasper wall shelf-bar unit, wall shelf, and wall mirror-shelf all embody this style. Although the function is specific to every piece, the ethos of the collection adds an artful quality to anonymous objects. Besides the rampant minimalism, you can put your own spin on this range by trying different configurations and combinations.

“We have crafted this collection for providing millennials with functional and clean-lined, space-saving designs that keep up with their pace and can be easily incorporated into their lifestyles. Through creativity and craftsmanship our aim is to elevate spaces with our iconic and contemporary designs that complement their unique taste, rather than dictate their vibe” says Gaurav Jain, Founder, Orange Tree.

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