Nirmals Furnishings Unveils ‘Naturae’ Collection of Wallpapers by Coordonné

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One of India’s finest home décor brands, Nirmals Furnishings is known for its bespoke crafted textiles. They exclusively showcase in India wallpapers from the renowned Spanish brand Coordonné. The latest collection of wallpapers to be launched from Coordonné, Naturae, introduces fresh and fun vignettes from Nature into your environment. The Barcelona-based company, Coordonné is world-renowned for its high-quality wall coverings and fabric collections.

The Naturae collection is a whimsical depiction of unique plants, trees, animals, and birds that bring your walls alive with life-affirming beauty and charm. From dainty climbing plants bearing flowers to fluttering butterflies to frolicking birds, the collection channels the pure energy and vitality of nature right into your home. The collection is a pictorial and dramatic display of our ecosystem.

Goldfinch Song: The bird Goldfinch is a harbinger of joy and positivity. And this wallpaper featuring goldfinches singing from amid vibrant greenery is a perfect addition to your home to evoke a cheerful vibe. 

Birch Trees: Muted shades bring out the beautiful details on this hardwood tree, while colourful small birds frolic around, creating a movement against the stark background. Works best as a serene backdrop to a bed or a study room.

Magic Butterflies: With their vibrant hues and ephemeral nature, butterflies have always inspired and intrigued designers. This wallpaper offers the undeniable magic of butterflies in four shades – subtle to bold. Bring home the symbol of renewal and revival.

Sweet Birds: Simple bird motifs against four neutral shades are reminiscent of the innocent avian world. Create a mellow mood in your living room or bedroom with this gentle wallpaper.

Climbing Flowers: From the light pink shade to the rich marine, this wallpaper comes in four pretty hues that highlight the delicate climbing plants and flowers. With a hint of a vintage vibe, this wallpaper is ideal for any space.

About Nirmals Furnishings

Nirmals Furnishings has wowed the country with its excellent products for over 20 years. With a deep-rooted passion for the finest quality materials, refined aesthetics, and an eye for the latest innovations, Nirmals offers an unparalleled selection of furnishing materials, both designed in-house, as well as sourced from iconic brands from around the world. 

Nirmals boasts over 500 dealers in its pan-India network. With a highly creative R&D team, Nirmals brings to its customers bespoke fabrics that tell timeless tales. Their glamorous Design Studio offers a peek into the best international brands, making it ‘couture for the home’. Their bouquet of products includes upholstery, curtains, bed linen, bath linen, curtain rods, roller blinds, décor accessories, glassware, flooring, and many more.

Les Créations de la Maison, Güell Lamadrid, Alhambra, Pierre Cardin, Sunbrella D’Decor, RR Décor, … these are just a few among the many national and international brands available at Nirmals.

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