Nuance Studio: Trailblazing the Concrete Products Trend in India

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Nuance Studio is trailblazing the concrete products trend in India. ‘Concrete’, a vision for modernism, is known to express bareness, primary forms and open spaces. Striking aesthetics and unique sculptural qualities have been associated with concrete. Nuance Studio has not only recognised it’s traits, but also elevated concrete from a basic construction material to a high-quality luxury product. Established by Ajaay Srinivaas, this Bangalore-based studio uses a technologically advanced and ultra-high performance concrete called ‘Litheoz’ to create one of a kind products. Ajaay discusses the evolution of their practice and the technicalities of the new-age material.

Nuance Studio has had the advantage to learn from the best. Adapting skills from experienced professionals internationally and learning skills from other materials, they have created many innovative processes and techniques.

Beginning of the Nuance Studio

When asked about the beginning of Nuance Studio, Ajaay voiced ”Monotony! I was bored to the core with my monotonous business of wholesale trading of tiles. I was never built to crunch numbers day in and day out and take care of sales. Creativity is the driving-force for me. It has been 8 years since we started and it has been one hell of a time!” With a passion to create something new and innovative, Ajaay found the right material to express his ideas and thoughts.

Nuance Studio is one of the first companies in India to start a luxury segment in concrete, often faced with the question, “Cement ke liye itna kyun?”. Time and trend evolution has accepted concrete as a boutique material in high end projects. Their design sense, innovations and international quality standards has helped them carve a niche for their practice in India. Ajaay rightly says, “We are concrete about our passion.”

Litheoz Concrete

While concrete is a relatively well known material, ‘Litheoz’ is a newer material that many are unaware of. Ajaay discusses, “Litheoz concrete is a new age concrete technology that answers a lot of drawbacks faced by conventional concrete in matters of aesthetics. It is not a construction material, but a product-based material just like ceramics, wood, metal, etc.” The trend of concrete products is catching up not just in India but across the globe. Litheoz concrete is a cutting edge technology from Germany. Nuance Studio has had the advantage to learn from the best. Adapting skills from experienced professionals internationally and learning skills from other materials, they have created many innovative processes and techniques.

Translucent Concrete Brick

Translucent concrete brick is one such product from Nuance Studio. First invented in Hungary by a designer called Aron Losonczi, translucent concrete is a unique product. The concept intrigued designers and companies world over, and many have created their own versions of it. Using this technology in the form of bricks, this self supporting and easy to install product transmits high volumes of light. It uses optical grade plastic as light rods to transmit light. 

The studio collaborates with well known product designers nationally and internationally. The Fibonacci Series is one such wall panel series that gained wide appreciation for its aesthetics and appearance. This product designed by SFDW studios, and won Elle Decor (EDIDA) award for 2019-2020.

Creativity is the driving-force. With a passion to create something new and innovative, they found the right material to express their ideas and thoughts.

About the Nuance Studio

Nuance Studio caters to the premium segment of the market. On one side where the industry is battling the downsides of the pandemic, the studio did not notice any drastic changes in the customer purchasing ability. Ajaay said, “The only difference we see is the delay in purchase of products, but not a change in the decision of the purchase. History is evident that the country has the power to bounce back with greater energy and aspirations when faced with crisis. We strongly believe that the current situation is only momentary and we would see sunny days ahead. The lockdown and the pandemic has provided us time and opportunity to focus on newer innovations and designs with a fresh pair of eyes.”

Nuance Studio is a young and ambitious company with a vision to spread their wings to international markets and take pride in “Made in India” products. They intend to introduce products in new verticals shortly that include furniture, lifestyle accessories, lighting, which are designed and manufactured using Litheoz concrete technology. The company is looking to create cost-efficient products to reach a larger audience. Ajaay believes “India is a land of opportunity. The market is vast, but definitely price conscious, including the high end market. Keeping our core ambition of providing international design and quality standards, we intend to launch products that are well appreciated as well as pocket friendly for the premium market.”

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