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Radha Krishna Restaurant is a letter from Mathura, an invitation that welcomes with love and light to dine in the spiritual serenity of Lord Krishna. Nestled in the vibrant city of Mumbai, a new restaurant emerges that is poised to become a local favourite. The restaurant is a tribute to the rich history and heritage of one of the most profound aspects of the Indian mythology of Radha Krishna. Inspired by a deeper essence of Krishna’s symbolic flute, its hollowness represents the simplicity and purity that arise from his musical euphony.

The restaurant, spanning 3,100 SqFt, has three distinct seating areas that accommodate just over 110 people. A sense of delight washes over as one makes their way through the cosy royal blue door ornamented with tone-on-tone ethnic motifs. The glass-laid facade welcomes diffused natural light through the blinds on either side of the door. Step inside, and one is transported into a burst of colour that blends seamlessly with each other.

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Radha Krishna Restaurant, Mumbai

A Melodic Blend of spiritual and architectural finesse

The interior has a peacock’s feather-in-the-crown feel, complete with earthy materials juxtaposed with metallic accents, suede textiles, and arched elements. Walking through the restaurant feels like an eclectic yet peaceful and homely invitation to dine in. Along the elongated sides of the space, framed arches of vibrant green subway tiles offer a snug dining experience combined with woven cane chairs on the aisle side. The transition spaces allow one to feel the calm in the repetition. The overall colour scheme urges a departure from overly stimulating visuals. The perfectly heightened coffered ceiling strikes a harmonious balance, allowing one to feel connected with oneself and fostering a sense of ease and tranquillity. This architectural symmetry embodies simplicity and purity, echoing Krishna’s melodic tunes resonating from his bamboo flute. The foliage spread across the lengths faintly defines the different seating arrangements, encouraging ease of choice for the diners.

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Radha Krishna Restaurant, Mumbai

Design Inspiration for the Radha Krishna Restaurant

Walking through the convivial dining setup, surrounded by aisles on both sides, the tables are lined with woven cane paired with charcoal grey suede chairs, offering an experience of community dining. Any conversation about the Radha Krishna restaurant is incomplete without its distinct seating area spanning the breadth of the space. Under the dim yet ambiently lit neo-Victorian wall sconces, it furnishes an aura of experiential dining. The moody black monochromatic wall further exudes an intimate dining scene that is part discreet, part bold. The delicate intervention of the raised woven cane backrest ensures a private dining affair, usually chosen for special celebrations. 

Radha Krishna Restaurant is a melodic blend of spiritual essence and architectural finesse. From its vibrant colour palette to the serene seating arrangements, every detail resonates with the profound melody of Krishna’s flute, inviting guests into a realm of peace and simplicity.

The seamless integration of concept and design is evident throughout the design, where each element—from the earthy materials to the metallic accents—has been carefully chosen to reflect the ethos of Radha Krishna. As architects, Mihir Kotak and Rinki Kotak beautifully summarise,

“The design process was an exploration of how to embody spiritual serenity into tangible architectural forms, where every curve and texture narrates a story of devotion.”

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