RLDA invites bids for consultants for the redevelopment of Ahmedabad station

Aastha Shah Oct 22, 2020 0

In a step ahead for the redevelopment of the railway station at Ahmedabad, Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has invited online bids for consultancy services and preparation of detailed project reports for the integrated redevelopment of the railway station.

The objective of the re-development is to upgrade it in line with requirements over time without diluting historical significance, besides providing state-of-the-art passenger amenities. The consultants will be appointed for undertaking feasibility study, detailed master planning, urban designing, and engineering & preparation of DPR.

The winner of the bid will be mandated to provide solutions such as infrastructure and architecture to cause minimum inconvenience to train operations, passengers, and residents during construction. They will need to ensure harmonious and complementary co-existence of the railway station and the real estate development, proposing green measures etc.

They will conduct activities such as railway demand assessment, traffic study, and integrated traffic plans, engineering surveys, geotechnical investigations, among others, for the said purpose. Ahmedabad Railway Station, which falls under the Ahmedabad division, Gujarat has 12 platforms at the station and houses two Minarets as remnants of Sidi Bashir Mosque that are deemed as a Heritage structure.

“Ahmedabad railway station is the biggest in Gujarat. The re-development of the station will redefine its aesthetic appeal while keeping its legacy intact. It will also offer convenience to passengers and enhance their experience. This re-development coupled with the Smart City initiative, will boost tourism and improve real estate prospects in the surrounding region,” said Ved Parkash Dudeja, Vice-Chairman, RLDA.

The re-development comprises both station and commercial development. The commercial component entails real estate asset classes planned on the railway land and above Project Railway Station, which is not part of the railway station facilities. It will include all land use categories such as residential, commercial, institutional, warehousing, hotel, hospital, etc.

RLDA is currently working on 62 stations in a phased manner while its subsidiary, IRSDC has taken up another 61 stations. The station handles an average footfall of around 52,843 commuters daily.


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