RR Decor launches two exquisite new collections — Cashmere and Saphira

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March 2022: Well-known for their striking hand-woven silk fabrics with original designs rooted in Indian traditions, yet exuding a universal appeal, RR Decor as a brand, stands apart in the furnishings world. Two new collections of luxury fabrics launched by them depict awe-inspiring designs that have an enchanting effect on any space. 

These one-of-kind series set the mood and elevate the ambience of any kind of space. Each piece in these collections is a testimony to RR Decor’s attention to detail and unique designs. They exhibit flawless workmanship and a unique aesthetic. They are arresting and add a touch of charm and style to any space. 

Cashmere: Beautifully reimagine the scale, pattern, and colors of the graceful scheme, which draw a vibe that allows the inhabitants to enjoy coziness with rolling for comforting views. It makes the space feel open, light, and extremely welcoming. It comes in a different spectrum of colors to intent a perfect vibe.

Saphira: Create a distinctive feel to each corner of your home. The beautiful color emerges and uniquely translates the story into a home. It comes in numerous color palettes to curate the interior as the perfect color mood of the different feel.

About RR Décor:

A pioneer in the weaving of handloom silks, RR Décor is India’s premier textile design company, with focus on originality of designs. We design and market exclusive furnishing and upholstery fabrics for residential and contract interiors.

RR Décor fabrics begin life in the design department where a team of artists, designers and stylists put their ideas into practice. An essential tool at the creative stage is the company’s in-depth study of ancient fabrics fused with modern day eccentricities.

Most research into RR Décor fabrics start at least twelve months in advance, with a special focus on more innovative trends which range from contemporary art to extreme experimentation by International Design Houses, who are instrumental in the designing of our collections.

R R Decor

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