RR Decor unveils striking new textile collections

Biltrax Media May 31, 2022 0

The furnishing company, RR Decor unveils striking new textile collections that leave users in awe while lauding their traditional connects. Celebrated for their exquisite hand-woven silk fabrics with original designs rooted in Indian traditions, yet exuding a universal appeal, RR Decor as a brand, thus stands apart in the furnishings world. Two new collections of luxury fabrics launched by them depict arresting hues that have an enhancing effect on any space. 

The ranges feature excellent quality and flawless aesthetics. Every piece in this series is therefore a testimony to RR Decor’s attention to detail and unique designs. They thus exhibit exquisite craftsmanship and a distinctive look. They are therefore awe-inspiring and add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space. Bring home these fabrics to instantly elevate the decor of your home.


This is a collection of pleasing fabrics with a beautiful motley of colours designed for enhancing the interiors in the modern form, with its distinct color palette. It thus exudes a classic warmth in the surroundings to accentuate the area to become a statement space.


This is a collection of royal and robust color palettes, its rooted and deep tone brings luxe flavour to the overtly dynamic space that contours in your area, as the texture is a smooth arsenal when it comes to the decoding feel of the fabric.

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