Serein Decor unveils Elegant Servers

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Serein Decor unveils elegant servers that are handcrafted, aesthetically pleasing and highly practical. Due to the crafted nature of these items, please expect slight variation in the appearance of each unique piece.

Serein Decor unveils Elegant Servers – a breakdown

Roseate Cake Server

It is for bohemian afternoons and intimate conversations that blush the sun and pink the light. Made from ethically sourced and sustainably hewn natural agate, this sublime rose quartz cake server comes with an electroplated metal edge, finished in gleaming gold. Natural stone varies in size, colour, and appearance. Each piece is one-of-a-kind; size, shape, and colour may vary slightly. 

Roseate Salad Serving Set (2 Pieces)

It serves up something beautiful and something serene, and then, let it linger and percolate into your senses. Handcrafted by skilled woodworkers in India, this luxuriously rustic serving set features hand-carved acacia wood with a metal handle in a delicate rose gold finish. Earth-friendly and food-safe, the set is ideal for serving salad. For unified entertaining, pair with any of the other serving pieces in Serein Decor’s exclusive Acacia collection. 

Heirloom Pearl Salad Serving Set

It serves up something beautiful, in style. Handmade with a stainless steel head and cast brass handles, this artistic serving is a unique mix of heirloom appeal and industrial aesthetic.

Blue Agate Salad Serving Set

It evokes attention, and deliver perfection. Made from ethically sourced and sustainably hewn natural blue agate, this serving set is fashioned from gold-plated stainless steel with blue agate handles that are finished with electroplated gold borders. Natural stone varies in size, colour, and appearance. Each piece is one-of-a-kind; size, shape, and colour may vary slightly.

About the Brand:

Serein Decor was founded by Mansi Dalal in 2020. Serein Decor is a highly aesthetic lifestyle brand that exemplifies an elevated sense of mindful indulgence. The brand’s parent company is M Krafts. M Krafts offers exclusive Indian tableware, flatware, crockery and home decor. Serein Decor’s credo is creating moments of spontaneity and inspiration amid the cacophonous humdrum of look-alike shopping carts. The brand’s discerning clientele comprises of those who know that style is about having substance, a point of view and a certain reading of the world. Serein’s products are an extension of who you are, without the myopia of trends. 

Mansi Dalal is a third-generation entrepreneur who has committed to closing the chasm between consumerism and contentment. A product purist who believes in an uncompromised, intimate, personalized and exacting brand philosophy, Mansi’s curatorial instincts are not just reserved for her brand Serein, but extend to a mindfulness-affirming life ethic as well. Backed with an Indian sensibility spruced with globalism and internationalism, Mansi is always on the hunt for experiential products that are one-off and offer an element of discovery.

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