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Sarvesh Joshi Jul 16, 2022 0

Habitable spaces are more than just walls and ceilings. Doors, windows, carpets, other accessories and interior design elements add a sense of elegance to the space. Installing fancy curtains over windows or laying a luxurious rug on the floor will enhance the quality of the space’s ambience. Imbibing a sense of class, we use the rugs for multiple other functions like soundproofing the hard floor, or even for directing an individual.

Until the 19th century, we used the word carpet for any cover, such as a table cover or wall hanging. The bifurcation of carpets, curtains, and rugs happened much later after the introduction of machines. Rugs provide a sense of warmth. As time passed, they have become an essential element in any habitable space. 

If you find this intriguing, check the list of the latest rugs and carpets that we have curated for you. 

Hands Carpets

The Urbane II collection of carpets by Hands carpets, is a series of hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets, inspired by the dynamism and scale of urban architecture. This collection explores the influences of contemporary designs in today’s modern, urban society.

The collection includes carpets that highlight the urban living, and innovative designs with an emphasis on structures, shapes, and forms of buildings. With the use of geometric abstraction, Urbane II presents emotive works of art for contemporary living. From brutalist concrete cubes to sky-scraping structures in steel, the collection is an ever-continuous documentary of the evolution of the urban landscape. The collection includes an attractive and wide range of carpets, from woollen textured, dark-toned carpets to solid chequered ones. 

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House Of Knots 

Created in collaboration with Eshita Marwah, this collection from House of Knots expands upon three decades worth of experience in manufacturing and exporting to countries across the globe. Ms Marwah’s abstract patterns and colour palettes pay homage to the power of imagination and the human spirit. Every thread is a part of a unique story. Preserved for generations to come, the artisan strings together every single thread. The earth-washed “Cityscape” rug is an abstract homage to the urban landscapes’ that people witness as travellers. The deep blues and rich reds of “Into the Wild Depths” reflect the palette of the natural world.

This collection revives the carpet-weaving traditions of India, marking a new beginning for the brand. 

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Javi Homes

Javi Home has launched its handcrafted Kilim collection of rugs that pays homage to the carpet-weaving techniques of the Ottoman Empire and the shared textile traditions of Turkey and India. 

Designed with soft colours, soothing tones and patterns of playful geometric abstraction, the Kilim Collection blends into the minimalist contemporary interior while staying true to its tropical Indian roots. The collection includes designs comprising four exclusive designs, inspired by human emotions and visualised as sharp geometric forms. Made of wool and viscose, the rugs are soft and breathable.

Javi Home stays committed to sustainable production practices and aims at becoming a 100% carbon-neutral brand. They have specially engineered every step of the production process to be as eco-responsible as possible, and all products are completely free of petrochemicals. 

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Since the dawn of civilization, rugs have been a significant component of home décor. Initially made of animal hides, rugs found a place on the floors of the living rooms and bedrooms. As technology advanced and the quality of production improved. To date, because of the finesse the hand-woven rugs possess, people value them as valuable works of art.


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