Tatsavi Grain-based Distillery Plant awaiting EC

Neha Tambe Aug 06, 2022 0

The Tatsavi Grain-based Distillery Plant in Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu, is awaiting Environmental Clearances (EC).

Tatsavi Grain-based Distillery Plant

Tatsavi Grain Based Distillery Plant in Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu, is in the initial stage of Environmental Clearances (EC). The team submitted the EC application and should receive the required approvals in 2-3 months, after which they will float a tender for contractor appointment purposes.

The plant is a part of the SIPCOT Industrial Park in Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu. As a part of the proposal, Tatsavi And Manikanta Ventures Private Limited proposed a Grain Based Ethanol Distillery Plant of 75 KLPD capacity. They also proposed a 2 MW Co-generation power plant as a part of the project. They estimate the project cost to be INR 138 crores. Construction will begin in late 2022 and will be complete in 2024.

Tatsavi Grain-based Distillery Plant – Key Project Highlights

Name of the ProjectTatsavi Grain-based Distillery Plant
Latest StatusPre-Construction
Owner/DeveloperTatsavi and Manikanta Ventures Private Limited
LocationTindivanam, Tamil Nadu
Pin Code604001
Latitude12.254964 (12° 15′ 17.8704″ N)
Longitude79.618642 (79° 37′ 7.1112″ E)
Land Area (in acres)13 acres
Construction Area (in sq. ft.)1,74,353 sq. ft.
Construction Cost (in INR)INR 1000 crores
Project Start Date2020
Project Completion Date2024

Tatsavi and Manikanta Ventures Private Limited 

The company, Tatsavi And Manikanta Ventures Private Limited is a private-incorporated company on 20 October 2020. Classified as a non-governmental organisation (NGO), they registered the company at the Registrar of Companies, Goa. It is involved in production, processing, and preservation of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils, and fats. 

Technogreen Environmental Solutions 

Technogreen Environmental Solutions is one of the leading organisations in Maharashtra for conventional technologies and leaders in non-conventional technologies across the country, which provides services in almost every realm of environment & infrastructure planning. The company works towards providing solutions to every problem of the environment, which are both environmentally and economically workable.Technogreen Environmental Solutions have launched technologies and carry innovative research with the help of an efficient and qualified team of dedicated experts belonging to the interdisciplinary fields of environmental chemistry, science, and engineering. They’re engaged as Environmental Clearance Consultants for the Tatsavi Grain Based Distillery Plant project.

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