Top Upcoming Highway Projects by MSRDC

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MSRDC (Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation) is a government agency responsible for developing, constructing, operating, and maintaining road infrastructure projects in Maharashtra. Since its inception, the corporation has completed several noteworthy projects such as the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Ghodbunder Road, Skywalks in Mumbai, Bhiwandi-Kalyan Shilphata Road, Etc. These projects demonstrate MSRDC’s commitment to redefining Maharashtra’s transport system through iconic mega projects.

Additionally, the corporation is currently working on significant ongoing projects, including the Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway (Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg), one of the major MSRDC projects, to enhance connectivity across the state. MSRDC is also investing in various infrastructure projects to improve road safety and reduce traffic congestion.

As the authority progresses with its transformative endeavors, let’s delve into some of the KEY ONGOING MSRDC PROJECTS, which are poised to shape Maharashtra’s transport landscape.

Versova-Bandra Sea Link

MSRDC Projects: Versova-Bandra Sea Link

The Government of Maharashtra (GOM) appointed MSRDC as the nodal agency for the Versova-Bandra Sea Link (VBSL) project in 2009. After evaluating four alignment options, the MSRDC Board approved an alignment that runs approximately 900 meters from the coast on July 1, 2011. The project was briefly put on hold due to the introduction of the Coastal Road concept but was later revived in 2016.

Project Details:

  • Scope of work: The proposed VBSL, also known as the ‘Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Sea Link,’ spans 17.17 km and serves as a crucial ring road to manage traffic flow from North to South and East to West in Mumbai.
  • Connectors: It includes connectors at Juhu-Koliwada, Otter’s Club, Bandra, Carter Road, and Nana Nani Park.
  • Bridge Construction: The project encompasses the construction of a 9.60 km-long main bridge with 4 lanes on each side, along with a 0.30 km-long cable-styled bridge and three Balance Cantilever Bridges of 0.10 km each.
  • Progress: As of April 2024, 15% of the civil work is completed, with piling work currently underway. The project is slated for completion by 2028.
  • Cost: The estimated cost of the Versova-Bandra Sea Link amounts to INR 11,333 Crore.

Project Management and Execution:

  • Project Management: Louis Berger is providing project management services, ensuring streamlined execution and adherence to timelines.
  • EPC Contract: The EPC contract has been awarded to a joint venture between Reliance Industries and Astaldi, reflecting a commitment to quality and efficiency in project delivery.

Jalna-Nanded Expressway

MSRDC Projects: Jalna-Nanded Expressway

The Jalna-Nanded Expressway is one of the crucial MSRDC Projects, aimed to revolutionize travel between Jalna and Nanded. It will slash the journey time between the two cities from 12 hours to just 6. This ambitious project by MSRDC entails constructing a 6-lane access-controlled highway, seamlessly connecting vital regions of central Maharashtra.

Project Timeline:

  • Inception: The project took shape in 2021 with the formulation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR).
  • Land Acquisition: Land acquisition commenced in December 2021.
  • Bidding Process: The bidding process initiated in April 2023.
  • Current Status: As of March 2024, MSRDC has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to select contractors for all six project packages.

Key Project Details:

  • Route: Spanning approximately 179.85 km, the expressway traverses through districts such as Jalna, Parbhani, and Nanded.
  • Cost: Estimated at INR 14,500 Crore, the project is divided into six packages, each valued between approximately INR 1,800-1,900 Crore.

Integration with Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway:

  • The Jalna-Nanded Expressway will seamlessly integrate with the 701 km Hindu Hrudaysamrat Balasaheb Thackeray Maha Samruddhi Mahamarg, commonly known as the Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway, enhancing connectivity and regional development.


DescriptionPackage Cost (INR-Crore)Total Length (in Km)
Package 1From Panshendra Km (-) 0.090 to Sarwadi (Ner) Km 36.000 in Jalna DistrictINR 1,950 Crore36.09 Km
Package 2From Km 36.000 Sarwadi (Ner) in Jalna District to
Km 66.550 Patoda Kh. in Mantha and Jalna District
INR 1,870 Crore31 Km
Package 3From Km 66.550 Patoda Kh in District Jalna to Km 98.945 Kumbhari in District ParbhaniINR 1,904 Crore32.39 Km
Package 4From Km 98.945 Kumbhari to Km 127.840 Katneshwar in District ParbhaniINR 1,808 Crore28.89 Km
Package 5From Km 127.840 in Katneshwar, Purna, District Parbhani to Km 166.330 in Borgaon, Telang District NandedINR 1,936 Crore38.49 Km
Package 6Part-A: From Borgaon Km 166.330 to Km 179.764 on Degloor – Nanded National Highway (NH 161) In District Nanded.

Part-B: Improvement of Road from Hingoli Gate-Bafna Chowk-Deglur Naka to Chatrapati Chowk (Dhanegoan Junction) with Construction of Flyover and Bridge Across Godavari River in Nanded City
INR 1,974 CrorePart A: 13.434 Km
Part B: 4.48 Km

Pune Ring Road

MSRDC Projects: Pune Ring Road

Revolutionizing transportation infrastructure in Maharashtra, the Pune Ring Road Project, envisioned by MSRDC, aims to bolster connectivity across key districts of Pune. This ambitious MSRDC Project entails constructing a 4-6 lane access-controlled highway encircling Pune, linking various Taluks such as Khed, Haveli, Purandhar, Bhor, Mulshi, and Maval.

Project Timeline:

  • Approval: The Government of Maharashtra greenlit the project in January 2014 to prepare the Detailed Project Report (DPR).
  • Progress: Land survey completed in November 2017, with tenders invited for contractor selection in January 2024.
  • Current Status: As of April 2024, MSRDC has received 19 bids, with bid openings scheduled for April 18. 

Key Project Details:

  • Length and Alignment: Spanning approximately 136 km, the project comprises both western (65.45 km) and eastern (71.35 km) alignments.
  • Phases and Packages: Divided into five phases, each alignment is further segmented into sub-phases (Packages 1-9).
  • Land Acquisition and Cost: Land acquisition for the western road is nearly 80% complete. The project’s estimated cost stands at INR 15,857 Crore, with an allocated INR 10,519 Crore for land acquisition.
  • Associated Authorities: Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Pune Municipal Corporation, and Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority are overseeing the project’s execution.


DescriptionPackage CostTotal Length
Package W1from Urse Km (-)0.650 to Kemsewadi Km 14.000 Maval/Mulshi
INR 1,904 Crore14.65 Km
Package W2from Village Kemsewadi Km 14.000 to Village Morewadi Km 34.000 in MulshiINR 1,975 Crore20 Km
Package W3from Morewadi Km 34.000 to Village Vardade / Khamgaon Maval Km 48.000 in Mulshi & HaveliINR 1,980 Crore14 Km
Package W4from Khamgaon Maval Km 48.000 to Rahatwade Km 55.500 HaveliINR 1,992 Crore7.51 Km
Package W5from Kalyan Rathwade Km 55.500 To Shivare – Kusgaon Phase Km 64.841 Haveli/BhorINR 1,533 Crore9.34 Km
Package E1from Village Urse Km 0.650 and Ends at Km 12.500 Near Village Indori in Mawal TahsilINR 1,805 Crore11.85 Km
Package E2from Indori Km 12.500 To Chimbali Km 26.300 Mawal & KhedINR 1,706 Crore13.80 Km
Package E3E3(A) From Chimbali Km 26.300 to Solu Km 39.715 Khed and

E3(B) From Solu Km 39.430 to Lonikand Km 47.500 Khed and Haveli
INR 1,991 Crore21.485 Km
Package E4from Village Lonikand Km 47.500 And ends at Km 72.000 Near Village Walti HaveliINR 1,732 Crore24.50 Km

Nagpur-Chandrapur Expressway

MSRDC Projects: Nagpur-Chandrapur Expressway

The Nagpur-Chandrapur Expressway, a 4-lane access-controlled corridor, is poised to transform connectivity in Eastern Maharashtra. Stretching approximately 182 km, this is one of the mega MSRDC projects, comprising six packages. Additionally, it includes a 39.22 km connector from Pandhar Kawada on MSH-6 to Chandrapur, totaling 221 km.

Project Timeline:

  • Bidding: MSRDC invited bids in February 2024 with a construction deadline of 30 months.


  • Purpose: The expressway will start in Nagpur and essentially act as an extension of the under-construction Samruddhi Marg (Nagpur-Mumbai Expressway).
  • Benefits: It is poised to reduce travel time between Nagpur and Chandrapur by half (from 4 hours to 2 hours).


Divided into six packages (NC 01-NC 06), the expressway traverses various districts, enhancing accessibility and regional development.

DescriptionPackage CostTotal Length
Package NC01from Km 0.000 Seldoh Tq. Seloo to Km 33.300 Lonhar Tq. Samudrapur District WardhaINR 1,766 Crore33.30 Km
Package NC02from Km 33.300 Lonhar Tq. Samudrapur District Wardha to Km 63.150 Borgaon Deshmukh Tq. Warora District ChandrapurINR 1,572 Crore29.85 Km
Package NC03from Km 63.150 Borgaon Deshmukh Tq. Warora to Km 90.400 Chargaon Tq. Bhadravati (Length – 27.250 Km) with Chandrapur connector from Km 0.000 Pandhar Kawada on MSH-6 to Km 11.969 Datala Tq. District Chandrapur (Length – 11.969 Km)INR 1,572 Crore39.21 Km
Package NC04from Km 90.400 Chargaon Tq. Bhadravati to Km 118.600 Nandgaon Kh Tq. Korpana District ChandrapurINR 1,532 Crore28.20 Km
Package NC05from Km 118.600 Nandgaon Kh. Tq. Korpana to Km 150.350 Jogapur Tq. Ballarpur District ChandrapurINR 1,582 Crore 31.75 Km
Package NC06from Km 150.350 Jogapur Tq. Ballarpur to Km 182.395 Ghatkul Tq. Gondpimpari District ChandrapurINR 1,582 Crore 32.04 Km

The Nagpur-Chandrapur Expressway promises not only to expedite travel but also to catalyze economic growth and development across Eastern Maharashtra.

Navghar-Balavali Multi-Modal Corridor

MSRDC Projects: Navghar-Balavali Multi-Modal Corridor

This Access Controlled Multi-Modal Corridor from Navghar to Balavali, Maharashtra, is part of the ambitious Virar-Alibaug Multi-Modal Corridor (VAMC). Spanning an anticipated length of 96.41 km, the project is a crucial component of the broader VAMC initiative. The VAMC, one of the key MSRDC projects, spans 126 km and is divided into two phases.

Project Overview:

  • Phase I: This phase focuses on constructing a multi-modal corridor connecting Navghar (in Thane) with Balavali (in Raigad), addressing key transportation needs within the region.
  • Phase II: The subsequent phase will extend the corridor from Balavali to Alibaug, further enhancing connectivity across the area.
  • Project Cost: The overall project is estimated to be worth INR 55,564 Crore, reflecting its significance and scale.


  • Originally planned in 2011 by MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority), the project transitioned to MSRDC’s oversight in September 2020, signifying a seamless continuation of its development.
  • Environmental Clearance for the corridor was obtained in June 2021, for the 18 km section between Chirnar to Balavali, marking a significant milestone in its progress.
  • Construction faced delays attributed to land acquisition issues, necessitating strategic planning and coordination to overcome challenges.

Impact of Navghar-Balavali Multi-Modal Corridor:

  • The corridor is poised to significantly enhance connectivity across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), Raigad, and Thane districts, facilitating smoother transportation and economic development.
  • Travel time between the districts is anticipated to be reduced by 50%, streamlining movement and fostering regional growth.

Scope of Work:

  • The first phase of VAMC, covering the stretch between Navghar and Balavali, spans 96.41 km and encompasses various construction components.
  • Scope includes the construction of an Access Controlled Green Field expressway featuring a 6-lane divided carriageway with paved shoulder and flexible pavement, alongside rehabilitation of existing pavement.
  • Additionally, the project entails the construction and/or rehabilitation of major and minor bridges, culverts, road intersections, flyovers, viaducts, and interchanges equipped with toll plazas, among other essential infrastructure elements.


DescriptionPackage CostTotal Length
Package MMC1from Bapane in Vasai, District Palghar Km (-) 0.065 to Paye, Bhiwandi, District ThaneINR 1,786 Crore8.39 Km
Package MMC2from Paye to Kalher Km 8.334 to Km 20.724 in Bhiwandi, District ThaneINR 1,793 Crore12.39 Km
Package MMC3from Kalher Km 20.724 to Ajnur Km 26.013 in Bhiwandi and Thane DistrictINR 1,875 Crore5.28 Km
Package MMC4from Ajnur in Bhiwandi Km 26.013 to Katai in Kalyan Km 32.325 in Thane DistrictINR 1,851 Crore6.31 Km
Package MMC5from Katai in Kalyan District Thane Km 32.325 to Nitlas in Panvel District Raigad Km 40.760INR 1,899 Crore8.44 Km
Package MMC6from Nitlas Km 40.760 to Umroli Km 53.592 in Panvel and District RaigadINR 1,911 Crore12.83 Km
Package MMC7from Village Navghar (Chainage (-) 0.065) in Virar Tahsil of Palghar District to Village Balavali (Chainage 96.410) in Pen Tahsil of Umroli Km 53.592 to Borle Km 61.832 in Panvel and District RaigadINR 1,975 Crore8.24 Km
Package MMC8from Navghar To Balavali from Borle Km 61.832 to Vadghar Km 70.167 in Panvel and District Raigad Km 53.592 to Borle Km 61.832 in Panvel and District RaigadINR 1,525 Crore8.34 Km
Package MMC9from Vadghar in Panvel Km 70.167 to Jambhulpada in Uran Km 79.283 in Raigad DistrictINR 1,574 Crore9.12 Km
Package MMC10from Jambhulpada Km 79.283 to Kalambsure Km 88.620 in Uran and District RaigadINR 1,613 Crore9.33 Km
Package MMC11from Kalambsure Km 88.620 to Govirle Km 96.410 in Uran and District RaigadINR 1,533 Crore7.79 Km

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