Top Upcoming Hospitality Projects in India

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The Indian hospitality industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, with the demand for high-quality accommodations and dining experiences on the rise. As a result, the hospitality sector is currently witnessing several upcoming projects in India that aim to cater to this increasing demand. The construction industry is a crucial player in these projects, as they work towards creating world-class facilities and infrastructure for these hospitality ventures.  Biltrax Construction Data has identified and is tracking over 285 hospitality projects across India. These projects have a combined expected built-up area of 96.84 Million SqFt and are estimated to cost INR 36,077 crore in construction value.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the top upcoming hospitality projects in India and how they are shaping the construction industry.

1. Deltin Town, Dhargalim, Goa

The Goa State Environment Appraisal Committee has granted terms of reference to Delta Corp for its integrated resort-cum-casino township project in Dhargalim, Goa. The committee has asked the company to conduct an environment impact assessment study and submit details of each building, land environment, and socio-economic implications of the project. Delta Corp has also been told to use renewable energy, prepare a disaster management plan, and submit data on trees to be felled for the project. The project is expected to be completed by 2027 and will include hotels, convention centres, retail areas, a water park, and banquet facilities. The proposed hotel project is expected to be constructed at the cost of INR 1,765 crore.

NameDeltin Town, Dhargalim, Goa
StatusUnder Approvals
Construction cost (INR-Crore)INR 1,765 crore
DeveloperDelta Corp Ltd.

2. Prestige DB Marriott Marquis, New Delhi

In 2009, DB Realty acquired the development rights on a 7.7-acre piece of land in Aerocity, located near Indira Gandhi International Airport. A decade later, in 2019, DB Realty signed an agreement with Prestige Group and Marriott International to develop two high-end hotels on the property. The hotels were named Marriott Marquis and St. Regis, and the construction involved building six basements, a ground floor, and seven upper floors. The construction cost for this project was reported to be approximately INR 1,253 crore.

NamePrestige DB Marriott Marquis, New Delhi
StatusUnder Construction
Construction cost (INR-Crore)INR 1,253 crore
DeveloperDB Realty Limited and  Prestige Group (Developer), Marriott International (Hospitality management)

3. Hotel Complex & Convention Centre, New Delhi

The DIAL Aero City in Delhi is set to host one of India’s grandest hotels and convention centres. In 2009, DB Realty secured the 7.7-acre plot from Delhi International Airport (DIAL) through an auction for INR 400 crore. The upcoming hotel is slated to be one of India’s most significant, boasting 932 rooms, office spaces, and a business centre alongside a convention facility with a seating capacity of 20,000. The Hospitality District of Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi will accommodate the development, which will span a total built-up area of approximately 3.5 million SqFt. The total estimated cost of this project is INR 1000 crores.

NameHotel Complex & Convention Centre, New Delhi
StatusUnder Construction
Construction cost (INR-Crore)INR 1,000 crore
DeveloperDB Realty Limited and  Prestige Group

4. Gaurs Runway Suites, Noida

The Gaurs Group, a renowned developer, is working on a high-rise hotel project named Gaurs Runway Suites in Noida. The tower will consist of four basement levels, a ground floor, and 15 upper floors. The first to eleventh floors will be designated for suites, while the twelfth floor will feature suites and services. Additionally, there will be a twelfth-A floor with suites, a club, an infinity pool, and a landscape party terrace for residents and guests to enjoy. The construction cost for this project was reported to be approximately INR 911 crore.

NameGaurs Runway Suites, Noida
StatusUnder Construction
Construction cost (INR-Crore)INR 911 crore
DeveloperGaurs Group (Developer)

5. Century Square Phase 2, Bangalore

Century Real Estate Holdings Private Limited is developing a new mixed-use project named Century Square Phase 2 in Byatarayanpura village, Bangalore. The project comprises two blocks, with Block 1 serving as the hotel block and Block 2 serving as the office block. Block 1 will feature 3 basement levels, a ground floor, and 17 upper floors, while Block 2 will have 4 basement levels, a ground floor, and 17 upper floors. The total estimated cost of this project is INR 807 crores.

NameCentury Square Phase 2, Bangalore
StatusUnder Construction
Construction cost (INR-Crore)INR 807 crore
DeveloperCentury Real Estate Holdings Private Limited 

6. IECC 5 Star Hotel, New Delhi

The India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) and India Tourism Development Corporation Limited (ITDC), both government entities, have collaborated to develop a 5-star resort at the Integrated Exhibition cum Convention Centre (IECC) in New Delhi. The project aims to enhance the tourism sector and will offer a luxurious experience to guests visiting the IECC. The proposed hotel project is expected to be constructed at the cost of INR 700 crore.

NameIECC 5 Star Hotel, New Delhi
Construction cost (INR-Crore)INR 700 crore
DeveloperIndia Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), India Tourism Development Corporation Limited (ITDC)

7. Chalet Expansion of Renaissance Hotel, Powai, Maharashtra

K Raheja Corp, a well-known developer, is leading the expansion of the Chalet Hotel, in collaboration with private client Chalet Hotels Limited (CHL), at CST no. 71/A, village Paspoli, Saki Vihar Road, Powai. The proposed expansion project will cost INR 602 crores and will include two hotel buildings. Hotel Building No. 3 will comprise Lower Basements, Upper Basement, Mid Upper Basement, Ground Floor, 9 Podiums, and 20 Typical Floors, while Hotel Building No. 4 will have 2 Basements, Ground Floor, 5 Podiums, and 14 Typical Floors. This project aims to expand the star category of the hotel and enhance the guests’ experience at the Chalet Hotel.

NameChalet Expansion of Renaissance Hotel, Powai, Maharashtra
StatusUnder Construction
Construction cost (INR-Crore)INR 602 crore
DeveloperK Raheja Corp, Chalet Hotels Limited

8. Fairmont Shrem Hotel, Marol, Maharashtra

The proposed Fairmont Shrem Hotel in Marol, Maharashtra is a project by the Shrem Group’s subsidiary, Shrem Airport Hotels Pvt. Ltd., who are the developers of the project. The hospitality management services for the hotel will be provided by Accor Hotels. The project will cost INR 558 crores and will involve the construction of one hotel building at CTS No. 1405 (part) of Village Marol, Andheri (E), Mumbai. The hotel building will comprise 3 Basements, a Ground Floor, and 11 Upper Floors.

NameFairmont Shrem Hotel, Marol, Maharashtra
StatusUnder Construction
Construction cost (INR-Crore)INR 558 crore
DeveloperShrem Group, Accor Hotels

9. Eco-Tourism Resort, Long Island, Andaman and Nicobar

The Eco-Tourism Resort project at Long Island, Andaman & Nicobar Islands involves the construction of a premium island resort at Lalaji Bay. The project is being developed under a Public-Private Partnership model, with a concession period of 75 years, which includes a maximum of 4 years for the construction period from the Appointed Date. The project is estimated to cost INR 391 crores and will feature resort rooms, a flying jetty, and a desalination plant with seawater intake and outfall arrangements with a capacity of 240 KLD. The resort aims to promote eco-tourism in the region while offering a luxurious and sustainable hospitality experience to guests.

NameEco-Tourism Resort, Long Island, Andaman and Nicobar
StatusPre Construction
Construction cost (INR-Crore)INR 391 crore

10. Chalet Hotel, New Delhi

Chalet Hotels Limited (CHL) is planning to invest INR 350 crores in the development and operation of a five-star deluxe hotel with approximately 350 to 400 rooms at Delhi Airport T3. The aim of the project is to provide hospitality services to travelers at the gates of the International Terminal, making it more convenient and accessible for them.

NameChalet Hotel, New Delhi
Construction cost (INR-Crore)INR 350 crore
DeveloperChalet Hotels Limited (CHL)

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