Trending Complementary Culture: The Rise of Trendy Cafes

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The restaurant industry has been on a boom for more than a decade now. In this constantly evolving world, it’s not just the menu that has to keep up with the times. For a restaurant, cafe, or eatery to succeed, it must have a strategic plan in place to make the most of the customers’ time & money and become the talk of the town. A restaurant must have a unique concept and style statement to stay afloat in today’s digitally powered era where social media has become a powerful tool to influence the opinions of many.

In the current millennial age, the success factors have completely evolved, and new terms like ‘instagrammable’ or ‘viral’ have become the predominant goals for business owners. We, as designers, are constantly trying to create spaces that attract and encourage social media users to appreciate and share on their platforms with others. The right design outlined to draw a specific target audience can lead to making your restaurant business gain popularity.

A few years ago, the idea around devising an F&B space for an architect or interior designer was to primarily focus on functionality and optimum usage of space in an attractive manner. With the evolution in time, the need for a space to be social media-friendly took precedence over the conventional design ideology. Customers are now looking to visit cafés and diners which allow them to not only have a great time but also provide interesting backdrops and tools for creating content for their social media. Therefore it has become crucial for designers to stay updated with current trends, likes and dislikes of a tech-savvy clientele. 

Focussing on the current needs and trends, Chromed Design Studio came up with the design concept of Daddy, a youthful restro bar in Bangalore, built with a strong emphasis on pop culture, featuring quirky artwork and mesmerising installations which are absolute ‘Instagram-worthy’! The design for this cafe, which includes various Art Deco cut-outs and whimsical wall prints certainly catches the eye.

With technology dominating today’s world, Wi-Fi connection and e-menus have become fundamental nowadays. In alignment with fast-tracked lives where everything takes place at the click of a button, cafe- dwellers are now requiring spaces where they can, ironically, enjoy a digital detox and connect with their peers and surroundings. Lush green walls, skylit dinners, and alfresco terrace dinings are gaining popularity these days where people can engage in meaningful conversations and friendly interactions. Ophelia, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant at the Ashok Hotel, New Delhi has been designed by Chromed Design Studio keeping all these factors in mind. Recreating a serene Mediterranean vibe with outdoor gazebos nestled in greenery provides a balanced contrast to the vibrant and busy indoors. Quirky artwork, beautiful bar counters and seasonal tone changes keep the clients hooked. However, one of the most ‘Instagrammed’ spots in this restaurant has been the lobby area outside the restroom which is adorned with floral wallpaper, statement centrepieces and curated artworks. 

To make the most of its current area, a  cafe’s placement must be dictated by the amount of natural light it receives, as well as the utilisation of skylights and large windows. Ambient light can also play a  critical role in rendering the right vibe for the cafe. We, as designers, are also looking into curating suitable lighting fixtures to achieve the ideal photogenic atmosphere.

Today, designers aren’t the only ones who value a well-designed tiled floor. Contemporary tiles appeal to a vast number of social media influencers. It acts as a visual link across a room and, in addition to allowing for the ideal feet-and-floor view, it also looks great when viewed from afar. Tiles have become a “hook factor” for any cafe’s appearance. Ophelia’s flooring is made up of three different hues of terrazzo: fern green, slate grey, and jet black, as well as brass dividers that add visual texture to the surface, which serve the perfect view for selfies and dance videos. Incorporating multiple photo-ops for any F&B space is undoubtedly a winning formula.

Harajuku Tokyo Café at Select City Mall, Saket triumphs in vibrant and trendy design elements. Designed & executed by Chromed Design Studio, this cafe is layered with distinct themes and eclectic colours that mimic the scene of a busy Japanese food street. Carefully curated wall artwork, neon signages and overall pastel tones complement the culinary theme, making it a highly clickable cafe again.

The aesthetic factor is grossly making a comeback, thanks to the millennial agenda. The attention to detail, from furniture to fixtures, keeps Instagram’s aspirational lifestyle pictures alive. The design of WE, located at the historic Qutub Hotel, represents a contrast in mood through its fusion of a subdued environment and vivid furnishings. Rich burgundy hues with contrasting monochrome stripes used in the furnishings provide a luxurious yet trendy backdrop for the pub-goers. Once again, adding artistic view breakers like larger than life sculptures at the entrance or catchy neon signages at the bar are the small details that add to the recall value of the space. 

Every day, thousands of people enter restaurants with smartphones in hand, ready to be floored by the culinary and spatial inspiration around. However, it is vital to understand the geography and the target audience for a particular restaurant. Hence, with bespoke strategies and the character in craftsmanship, we at Chromed Design Studio try to push the boundaries of leisure, luxury, and recreation and strive to create unique identities for the projects we design.

Featured on the iDecorama top 100 Architect’s list, A&I top 100, i-GEN 50 and MGS top 50 list of the best architects & interior designers, Chromed Design Studio has long been in the industry of creating atmospheres than mere designs. Recognized pan India specifically for their eclectic and emblematic interiors, Chromed Design Studio plays in a multiplicity of repertoires, never sticking to purity of style, rather letting the vicinity translate into a vocabulary that is both informal and bold. Their décors are their playground, spaces where spontaneity and magic are de rigueur. Chromed’s niche which is hospitality and luxury design excites and provoke but never fails to surprise for its ingenuity, daring and singular quest to uplift the ambience and break free to entertain.

Spearheading Chromed Design Studio is Ar. Abhigyan Neogi through his individual expertise has contributed to the firm’s robust image in the design industry. Abhigyan combines his sharp logical ability with joyful nature to create habitats that embody the wow spirit. Apart from creating avant-grade design strategies that redefine the façade of modern community life, he has also been a speaker sharing his experience on various platforms like Talk of the Town, 2019 by Surfaces Reporter and FOAID 2018-19. Celebrated hospitality projects designed by him have been featured in numerous mainlines including Home and Design Trendz, Restaurant India, Hospitality Biz, Architecture + Design, L’Officiel, B.O.B Korea, Restaurant Development + Design and many more. He has been acknowledged with the Young Designer Award, India 2010; Estrade Award, Singapore for Best Commercial Interiors 2016; Winner for Retail Interiors by FOAID India 2016, Commendation at Saint Gobain; Economic Times Award for Best Hospitality Design 2016 and Platinum Winner for Best Hospitality Interiors at Architecture Ideas 3.0 by Berger and FOAID India 2017; Winner at HP Skyline 2050 Awards; Speaker at Dialogues Hyderabad 2018; Finalist at Cera Design Challenge 2018 & Finalist for Commercial and Hospitality Interiors at Architecture Ideas 4.0by FOAID 2018.

The practice is currently marching ahead with a vibrant team; each pursuing a distinctive value-based architectural spirit that Chromed Design Studio imbues.


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