Upcoming Central Vista – Vice President Enclave by CPWD in Delhi

Shriya Goyal Nov 10, 2021 0

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has proposed the development of a public residential – commercial project ‘Central Vista – Vice President Enclave’ in Delhi. The VP Enclave will be developed adjacent to the existing North Block and near Rashtrapati Bhawan. Offering a combination of modern architecture coupled with spaces suitable to a hectic urban lifestyle, the project incorporates offices and commercial meeting rooms. Necessary amenities equip the project to provide a comfortable and luxurious living.

Project Specifications:

The Enclave is earmarked on a 15 acre plot, with a built-up area of 215,278 sq.ft. The total plinth area of the proposed buildings in the Enclave is approximately 20,000 sq.m. The Vice President Enclave consists of an array of building components. A Vice President Residence with one basement, a ground floor and one upper floor, A Secretariat building with a ground floor and one upper floor, A CPWD block with a ground floor and one upper floor, Barracks with a ground floor and one upper floor, A Guest House with a ground floor and one upper floor, A Sports Facility with a ground floor, Staff Quarters with a ground floor and one upper floor and Ancillary Buildings with ground floors of varying heights.


Sustainability being one of the key factors of design, the Enclave accommodates a sewage treatment plant, rainwater harvesting plant and green building techniques. Amenities like outdoor spaces with developed landscapes and gardens can be seen.

PROJECT NAMECentral Vista – Vice President Enclave
DEVELOPERCentral Public Works Department (CPWD)
DESCRIPTIONPublic Residential – Commercial project
BUILT-UP AREA215,278 sq.ft.
LOCATIONNear Rashtrapati Bhawan, Delhi
BUILDING USEResidential – Commercial
BUILT-UP STRUCTURES Vice President Enclave consists of mainly following building components:
Vice President Residence: 1 Basement + Ground Floor + 1 Upper Floor
Secretariat: Ground Floor + 1 Upper Floor
CPWD: Ground Floor + 1 Upper Floor
Barracks: Ground Floor + 1 Upper Floor
Guest House: Ground Floor + 1 Upper Floor
Sports Facility: Ground Floor
Staff Quarters: Ground Floor + 1 Upper Floor
Ancillary Buildings: Ground Floor (Varying Height)
AMENITIES/FEATURESSustainability – Sewage Treatment Plant, Green Building, Rain Water Harvesting
Amenity – Landscape/Garden

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