Upcoming Healthcare project R&B Super Specialty Hospital at Warangal.

Sarvesh Joshi Feb 23, 2022 0

Roads and Buildings Department of Telangana has proposed the construction of a super-speciality hospital at Warangal as a part of Warangal Health City at Telangana. This project is a public healthcare project and will provide high-end healthcare facilities. It is believed that this upcoming project will empower the healthcare sector of Telangana in the coming years.

This project is currently under construction and will spread over a land parcel of 42.42 acres with a construction area of 1,546,225 sq.ft. This project will comprise a residential block with a basement, a ground floor and 23 upper floors. This building block is a green building and is equipped with a sewage treatment plant for the purpose of sustainability. 

PROJECT NAMER&B Super Specialty Hospital at Warangal
DEVELOPERRoads and Buildings Department, Telangana
LOCATIONWarangal, Telangana
PLOT AREA42.42 acres
CONSTRUCTION AREA1,546,225 sq.ft

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