Vishram: Woodlabs’s Latest Eclectic Collection

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Vishram is Woodlabs’s latest eclectic collection that is both relaxing yet unique.

It is a well-known fact that when we rest our energy restores itself. Relaxation is the key to inner peace. The newly launched collection from Bengaluru-based design studio Woodlabs helps users rest relax and indulge in some self-care. Deeptashree Saha and Abhirup Dutta are the brains behind Woodlabs. Aptly titled Vishram which translates into rest, these thoughtfully designed pieces are a perfect combination of form following function.  Ergonomically designed for comfort, the pieces allow for different postures of lounging and relaxing; and are just perfect to unwind after a long day.

The eclectic collection consists of multi-faceted pieces which include a bench, swings, a day bed, and a lounge chaise.

The Taleen Pīṭikai (pitikai means bench)

This is a minimal bench that is all about clean lines, Taleen (lean) proportions, and a rhythmic sync between the elements.  Suitable for a wide variety of spaces whether the living room, bedroom, or a balcony overlooking your garden, this piece is perfect for you to sit back and relax.

The Gaja (Elephants) Vishram-Shayannya (Day-bed)

Crafted with solid chunky legs, this is a vernacular modern piece of furniture. Elements of rural India act as inspiration for the Gaja Vishram-Shayannya, with an heirloom essence.

The Sita Vishram-Asandi

This is a bespoke creation that consists of the half-disc representing Sita on which the Vishram-Asana gently rocks.  The piece detailed with natural rattan cane peeled and woven meticulously by hand transcends time and age.

The Ista Dola

This is a hybrid between a bench and a swing and is the perfect lounger.  With impeccable attention to detail, the well-proportioned backrest and armrest allow one to lounge on it in any posture and hence the name Ista which means comfort.  

The Shayannya Dola

This is a twist on the traditional swing (Dola). The designers reimagine it to act as a bed (Shayannya).  Enhanced with brass detailing, the handmade ropes form the four posts and also allow for a relaxing swing.

“Like all our pieces, the entire range has been consciously designed after research and extensive anthropometric studies to ensure complete comfort.  Crafted in solid teak wood each piece is replete with traditional joineries and is finished with a natural oil ensuring the pieces we make have a certain humbling experience,” say Deeptashree Saha and Abhirup Dutta, Co-Founders, Woodlabs.

About Woodlabs

Bangalore-based Woodlabs is a one-concept wood workshop that provides life to ideas with expert craftsmanship and a motive to innovate.  Started seven years ago in a tiny garage with a handful of motivated artisans, Woodlabs is a conscious step towards a slow life.  With a hands-on artisan-centric approach to design, Woodlabs strive to produce heirloom pieces. that transcend generations.  A conscious step to slower living and an artisan-valued approach.

With a firm belief in bringing ideas to life with a simple “, you imagine it, we build it” policy, Woodlabs’ products are made from solid wood.  Good quality wood is a scarce commodity in today’s age and it needs to be used consciously and judiciously. All pieces at Woodlabs are built out of wood that is at least 80 to 90 years old. The material, reclaimed from old buildings, comes with the intention to give it a second lease on life.  Woodlabs believes in having a purist approach and that good quality wood should be appreciated in its natural form.   As a testimony of its wood quality, they completely refrain from artificial staining/colouring of their pieces and have developed a curated range of finishes that celebrates various lost techniques of wood finishing.



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