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The Sable Collection offers a world of distinct furniture designs that are carefully crafted to exhibit soft curves and fine craftsmanship techniques using various materials. Voluminous pieces with solid structures formulate the design language of this collection. The use of cast metal textures and special materials showcases a harmonious pairing of Wriver’s refined aesthetic, material innovation, and strong manufacturing process.

Cava Fluted Side Table: The design of the Cava side table includes a fluting detail on the base structure that adds an elegant touch to the overall design.

Cava Side Table: This side table comes in two designs: a plain base (Cava) and a fluted base (Cava Fluted). An extensive range of materials and finishes are offered, making this design highly adaptable.

Duo Side Table: The Duo Side Table embodies strength and sophistication with its metal base featuring distinctive detailing and two-tone antiquing. The table top is available in various stone options, and the base comes in two metal finishes to suit your preference. This unique and eye-catching piece adds a class to your space.

Flott Coffee Table: The Flott Coffee Table boasts a solid glass base that is meticulously finished and paired with a textured wood tabletop. The gently curved glass and the earthy wood texture make it an ideal choice for contemporary interiors or anyone looking to add a touch of timeless style to their home.

Gallet Bed: The Gallet Bed is a contemporary take on the classic upholstered bed, featuring a visually and materially lightweight design. Its cozy headboard boasts attractive stitching along the perimeter.

Gravis Dining Table: A unique statement dining table, the Gravis boasts fluid curves that flow from the top to the rounded stone pedestal.

Gravis Round Dining Table: The Gravis dining table is a statement piece that boasts a unique form thanks to its soft curves, which lend fluidity to the design. The curved top flows seamlessly into the rounded stone pedestal, creating a similar form. This table’s play in form and materiality makes it a perfect choice for hosting all your dinner events.

Grid Shelving Unit: Finished in veneer, this shelving unit features metal screens and voids with intricate details like vertical metal channels that add structured dynamism.

Labio Side Table: This unique side table features a circular top that rests on a curved metal base cast with metal trims.

Pebble Coffee Table: A seamless blending of form with function, with a textured surface that elevates the design.

Perno Bar Cabinet: A unique addition to any living space, this bar cabinet features a metal outer carcass with veneer on the internal and premium quality eco-leather on drawer fronts.

Perno Side Board: Resting on a sturdy wooden base, this sideboard features custom-made and engineered hinges by Wriver.

Plum Ottoman: The Plum Ottoman has a versatile design that makes it a must-have for any living space, bedroom, or walk-in closet. With a sturdy base, it can be used as a seat, footrest, or coffee table, and it comes in a wide range of upholstery options to choose from.

Plum Sofa: With perfectly symmetrical oblique and orthogonal lines, complemented by rounded corners and curved surfaces, the Plum Sofa’s upholstery features neat stitching details that float on a wooden base, making it perfect for lounging.

Plute Shelving Unit: This shelving unit is a beautiful and minimalistic piece of furniture that combines cast metal and veneer. It has a sleek design that allows it to stand on its own, offering versatility when it comes to its use.

Quill Daybed: The Quill Ottoman is a luxurious and functional addition to any home. It has wooden legs that give it a graceful appearance, while its rich upholstery adds visual interest. The subtle design of the ottoman accentuates the warmth and comfort of the space it is placed in. In addition to serving as a footrest and extra seating, it can also be used as a stylish accent table.

Stecca Sideboard: This sideboard features a modern metal frame that beautifully matches the sturdy wooden base. The shutters are designed with fluted panels and wrapped in eco-leather, with a metal trim that extends to a handle. A matte black border provides a sharp contrast and further enhances the fluted panels. The cabinet’s interior is divided into shelves and finished in matching laminate for a cohesive look


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