Yamuna authority to acquire 3,418 hectare land for expansion of Jewar airport

Aastha Shah Dec 04, 2020 0

The Uttar Pradesh government has given a go-ahead to acquire nearly 3500 hectares of land for the expansion of Jewar airport.

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has submitted the feasibility study which says up to five runways can be built in the Jewar airport, for which additional land will be required.

“1334 hectare land has been acquired for the first phase, which will have two runways. In the second phase, 1365 hectares, 1318 hectares, and 735 hectares will be acquired in phases, taking the total land for Jewar airport to be 4752 hectares,” said a UP government official. The project monitoring and implementation committee has suggested five runways.

The Uttar Pradesh government had earmarked about 5,000 hectares of land in Jewar on Yamuna Expressway for an aviation and transport hub, linking the Indian capital to a greenfield airport that is expected to serve the eastern and southeastern suburbs of the sprawling metropolis.

About 1,300 hectares of land will be handed over to Zurich Airports for the development of the airport in the first phase. Zurich Airports has won the contract to build and operate Jewar airport, for a period of 40 years, including a construction period of four years in the first phase.

The facility will act as the second airport for Delhi and is expected to start operations around 2023-24, by when the existing airport is set to exhaust its capacity of more than 100 million.


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