4 Interesting Stone Houses in India

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We have formulated a list of nature-inspired homes, 4 interesting stone houses in India in the last few years. In these houses, stone was the primary building material. Designed in a way that it becomes difficult to determine if the surroundings govern the homes or the other way around, these houses both stand out and blend in with nature.

Relying on natural elements to enhance the design quality has been a common practice followed by architects and designers. Adding to the aesthetic appeal of a building, natural materials make the structure more sustainable. In India, where multiple variations of stones are available in plenty, a simple stone residence is more climate-responsive than most other structures around it.

If such stone houses intrigue you, do check out our list of 4 interesting stone houses in India!

Stone Lodges

With the notion of incorporating nature in the design rather than constructing a built entity on it, the team at ‘Earthitects’ identify themselves as Architects of the Earth.

Stone Lodge is one such project by Earthitects, a blend of mountain and manor. The design adopts the native design sensibilities of the land. Built on the mountain slope and inspired by the grammar of the mountain lodges of Kerala, Stone lodges adopt a native design style. George Ramapuram, the founder of Earthitects, has indulged in a joyous interplay of stone and wood where the villas are hidden amongst dense foliage and designed with unique elements, keeping sustainability and innovation in mind.

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Yellow Stone House

The design team at Span Architects, led by Ar. Anand Maroo, Ar. Arpit Khandelwal, Ar. Pratik Gupta has taken a unique approach by chamfering a cuboidal form in different directions. This creates a sense of movement, leading to the formation of multiple openings creating multiple openings which serve as terraces and balconies for the residents. The Yellow stone cladding on the facade adds to the picturesque effect, making the residence look like a visual masterpiece. The inclined vertical surfaces on the facade add a sense of movement to the two-dimensional static surface. Carefully designed and split into public and private spaces based on their usage, homeowners, and visitors transition with ease within the home. Embracing the concept of light and ventilation, the interior of the residence contains large openings for windows and doors, as well as transparent surfaces or glass facades.

How often does one come across an interesting design with a great facade in day-to-day life? The Yellowstone home is definitely a visual treat with intelligent planning.

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Visit: www.spanarchitects.in

Stone House

The Stone House is a residence that camouflages itself in the beauty of the lush greens of Brahmagiri hill at Trimbakeshwar, Nashik. A brainchild of architect Shailesh Devi and his team at Within N Without Architects, the spatial quality of this stone abode aligns with modern-day lifestyle while following the traditional flow of spaces. Built along the native contours of the site, the Stone House is constantly in a dialogue with its natural context. 

The Stone House is a fascinating design intervention in the hills. The design makes optimum utilisation of the steeped terrain and local materials, resulting in a magnificent end product – the Stone House. Do check the link provided below to know more about this fantastic piece of work. 

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Neshvilla Residence

The Neshvilla Residence in Dehradun is a project where the designers have taken inspiration from ‘pahadi’ architecture and design principles. Exposed brickwork clads the residence partially. The combination of stone and brick not only enhances the visual appeal of the residence but also displays responsiveness to the context. Sourced from Kumaon region villages of Uttarakhand, the doors and other furniture used looks elegant and warm. Designed to feel like a place to read, relax and put the fast-paced life on a pause, Neshvilla residence designed by Consultancy Archiplan is a place worth knowing about. Do check the link below for more details.

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